State of the Reactor - September 29, 2023

In this State of the Reactor event, the team provided updates on the upcoming launch of Tokemak v2, along with a detailed presentation on the advantages of the Autopilot system.
Featured Editorials Tokemak

Unraveling the Curvature of Decentralized Finance: A Closer Look at Tokemak v2

Riding the wave of DeFi innovation with Tokemak v2. Discover how Liquidity Management Pools & the Autopilot feature are revolutionizing market making in DeFi. Learn about the balance of benefits & risks in our latest article!

The Next Yield Paradigm: LST Liquidity and LPing

In this community call, the Maverick, Swell, and Tokemak teams discuss the future of Liquid Staking Tokens and the advent of “LST-Finance,” including how it will change the DeFi landscape with more sustainable incentive structures.
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Principles and Models of Web3 Decentralization

Ouija takes a panoramic view on common principles and models of decentralization in web3 systems, including a basic framework, building blocks, and further design considerations.
Featured Editorials DAO

Decentralized Decision Making: A Comprehensive Primer

A comprehensive primer on decentralized decision making, including voting and consensus-based models and their respective qualities.
Featured Tokemak Editorials

A Newbie’s Tour of the Tokemak Community

Danica Swanson takes us on a journey navigating Tokemak as a new Pilot.
Danica Swanson
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