C.o.R.E. Spotlight - AMA with Concave


With C.o.R.E.3 beginning next week, the Tokemak team has lined up a series of AMAs ("Ask Me Anything") with various Reactor candidates.

The Spotlight Series will allow the Tokemak community to familiarize itself with the protocols that are interested in securing a Reactor of their own, and get a peek into why these DAOs are so interested in moving away from liquidity mining in favor of sustainable liquidity.

Next up is Concave, a community-first organization that is working to create value for members by incubating new products that build the Concave treasury and partnering with other DeFi protocols.

Concave is a community-driven product and investment organization that aims to bring value to investors through the development of innovative DeFi products and active treasury management. At launch, Concave will introduce several novel solutions to grow its treasury while ensuring long-term investors receive the highest returns.

For more information about Concave:

C.o.R.E. Spotlight Schedule

Alternatively, the recording is available on SoundCloud.

"And when I found myself in Concave, it was such a fun, crazy, chaotic time. I can only describe it as the equivalent of Burning Man, just this pivotal moment in cultural history where you've got people coming together to create, to share, to philosophize and share their art." – kRomie

Key Takeaways

  • kRomie, Akarin, and OhmerSimpson were all early members of the Concave community and now work on policy and partnerships for the project.
  • Concave is a community oriented "builders' cooperative." The project seeks to empower members to create value for the organization on their own initiative.
  • Concave aims to become a decentralized hedge fund, seeding new investments that are brought to the organization by community members.
  • Concave is known for their mysterious launch last fall, which attracted attention in the Olympus community as users attempted to uncover the protocol's purpose.
  • Concave currently offers an AMM for swapping between DAI/CNV, and will soon be launching a bonding and liquid staking program.
  • Development efforts are focused on sustainable bonding mechanics.
  • The Concave treasury plans to actively manage the treasury in an attempt to avoid downside in volatile market conditions.
  • The Concave treasury plans to pay out dividends in non-native assets.
  • Due to Concave launching their own AMM, they do not desire a Reactor in the short-term due to the potential for liquidity fragmentation.
"But in general we're really bullish on Tokemak because liquidity will always be important in the space and we believe that Tokemak has the efficiency, it has the team, and it has a pretty solid idea on how to go about like providing liquidity to others. And, you know, most bullish is once you guys get your permissionless reactors going. I think that's when things will really start taking off, and we're really looking forward to that." – Akarin
  • Concave seeks to create partnerships with as many protocols as possible within DeFi in an effort to create value.

Rough Transcript of AMA

[00:00:00.490] - CJ
tratium, as always, appreciate your work recording these, summarizing and posting them online for everyone else to listen to at their convenience. So thank you. If anyone has any questions during the conversation, go ahead and drop them in the CoRE3 channel. We'll come back to them at the end. And same thing for the Concave squad. If there's any interesting collateral or links or anything you'd like the community to take a look at, just go ahead and drop it in the CoRE3 channel and they can follow that as we continue talking.

And with that, let's kick things off. So, gentlemen, thank you here for joining us today. This is our final CoRE Spotlight conversation, wrapping up two full weeks of talking to various protocols that are participating in our third CoRE event. Today we have Concave. We are joined by kRomie. Is it A-Kar-en or Ak-arin? I'm going to come back to that. And then OhmerSimpson.

[00:01:01.670] - Akarin
So just call me Akarin.

[00:01:03.660] - CJ


[00:01:04.300] - CJ
It's like I always read these names, but I never say them. So then I come to say them and it's just like, oh, I want to make sure I get this right.

[00:01:10.370] - Akarin
How do you say 70-K-three-mech?

[00:01:14.810] - CJ
We call him Tokemech, but I want to doxx him every time I read his name. So it's a struggle to call him the right thing. So cool. Gentlemen, welcome. Glad to have you here today.

[00:01:28.390] - kRomie
Yes, thank you.

[00:01:30.330] - CJ
Could you give us I'll start with kRohmie and then move over. Just a brief background on yourselves and what you're doing for Concave.

[00:01:38.570] - kRomie
Yeah. So I found my way in...the second week. It was...the server came live. Just any other community member, whitelist hunting. Just trying to be early. Right. I got told this is the next big thing. And I immediately took upon myself to find out everything I could.

And when I found myself in Concave, it was such a fun, crazy, chaotic time. I can only describe it as the equivalent of Burning Man, just this pivotal moment in cultural history where you've got people coming together to create, to share, to philosophize and share their art. And just it was crazy. And I found myself in the policy team, creating policy documents, editing documents. Like, I'm back in college. I graduated in college, like, over ten years ago. Right. I haven't written documents like that forever. And here I was doing it for fun and quickly just kept making friends and forming partnerships. And now I'm officially team lead and partnerships and continuing to just build connections and establish relations. And that's why we're here, because Tokemak, you guys are...partner to Concave. We didn't have an opportunity to announce it during our launch week, April 1. And so we're now here to do that and extend the olive branch to the rest of the Tokemak community. Yeah. And that's how I got myself here.

[00:03:19.410] - CJ
Awesome. That's great. Akarin, what about you?

[00:03:21.870] - Akarin
Yes, so similar to kRomie. We sort of came up from the community at the beginning of the server, and as you said, it's like it was a very chaotic time. It was very interesting. I started out writing...newsletters for Concave, and then I ended up in community. And then through all sorts of fate and chance, I ended up in partnerships as a partnerships lead as well. So I'm basically leading that along with kRomie. And, yeah, here we are. Thank you.

[00:03:54.010] - CJ
Love it. OhmerSimpson. Ohmer, you might be on mute.

[00:04:01.390] - Akarin

[00:04:04.490] - CJ
All right, my loss. If you come back.

[00:04:08.830] - CJ
I'll give a brief intro for him. I'm feeling a lot of you guys actually know and recognize Ohmer. I knew him from my early Olympus days back last summer. And every project I went to that I loved, I would see him very active in the community, very passionate. And he officially joined us this week as a partnership addition. And it just makes sense. He's built up so many great partnerships already within our partner channels. I know you guys here know him....it looks like he's back. I'll give him a chance to talk for himself if you can, but, yeah, he's officially on our team now, and I couldn't be happier to call him OhmerSimpson, a colleague.

[00:05:00.650] - Akarin
Yeah, he's a great person, great talent, has a lot of wisdom. I just met him recently, but he's been very kind...and glad to have him aboard.

[00:05:11.030] - CJ
Cool. Ohmer, is your audio working? Still nothing. We can read your words aloud. If you post in CoRE3, we'll just translate for you a little bit. Cool.

Thanks for the background of you guys. For our community, can you give us an understanding...like an intro to Concave? What are you guys? What do you do?

[00:05:33.950] - kRomie
Okay, I'll start with that. We exist for community. A lot of people may not understand that. We completely revolve around our community. Our team is formed by the community. The products we build is for the community. The ideas that we build come from the community, and our future is heavily dependent on that community.

And when I say community, I'm not just talking about people in our Discord. It includes everybody who interacts with us, anybody. It could include from Tokemak, for instance, our friends in Olympus, Redacted, Premia, anywhere you go. If you're holding Concave, if you are interacting with anything that we end up shipping, you're part of our community. And that's what we want to focus on.

Our first product is coming online soon...the bonding and staking that we've been developing for quite a while now. We launched our token right on April 1. It's been just a little bit over a month. We're actually in alpha testing for bonding and staking. And for a lot of people who know of Concave, we've always talked about how we're a spoon of Olympus, Olympus forks. We want to drive value back to OHM and the ecosystem, and this is still very true.

[00:07:04.000] - kRomie
However, I think everyone's aware of the changes that have occurred to the narratives around rebase tokens. There's been a lot of issues with the way bonding has been currently implemented, but it's still a fantastic product. Bonds have been utilized by financial institutions for hundreds of years very successfully, and they barely found themselves into DeFi just over a year ago. And there's clearly a lot of room for improvement. And this is where we are focusing on all of our development talents and resources...is launching bonding for users that protects your investment, will sustainably grow and reward you over time, and...you don't have to worry about your position losing value due to things like dilution over time that has occurred with all these other protocols.

[00:08:05.690] - Akarin
So there's a few things here. So for Concave, we are a builders' cooperative, so we basically invite the community to build along with us and so we have some initiatives to help with that. At its core, basically we have two parts. We have our product side and then we have our investment side, but at its core it's basically sort of like a decentralized hedge fund as well as a product organization.

And so the first thing that we're looking to do is basically release our MVP, which is our liquid staking and our bonding. So that should be coming pretty soon. We're doing internal testing right now...and then after that we're looking to basically iterate on improvements that we can see within other protocols and then also focus on building up our treasury as we go along and returning that value back to our stakeholders.

[00:09:03.550] - CJ
Got it. So...if someone out there is thinking you guys are an OHM fork. Is that accurate? Are you an OHM fork with just some UI changes? Are you completely different code base? How would you respond to that question?

[00:09:14.870] - Akarin
No, we're not an OHM fork. And honestly, we've changed so much at this point. Like we're not even close to an OHM fork. Our code is for the most part completely made from scratch and our staking model is completely different. Like we're using a v-basing model that is also built from scratch. And so, yeah, we're honestly nowhere near an OHM fork at this point. We are our own organization and structure.

[00:09:45.600] - CJ
Got it. And you mentioned you are a decentralized hedge fund. Can you speak a little bit more about what that means? I believe you guys have done some seed investments, so I'm curious to hear more about that.

[00:09:56.450] - kRomie
Yeah, decentralized hedge fund is a good way to describe the fact that we have a wide range of products in development to cover every type of investment strategy. The goal is to utilize the treasury to create revenue.

Of course, that revenue is going to be the primary source of earning an income for liquid state CNV holders. And so we want to feed all this revenue to anyone holding Concave tokens...and a hedge fund is a great way to describe it without getting heavily into the weeds of...what does that mean? If you know what a hedge fund is in traditional finance, you can basically correlate us with something similar. And we're decentralized in the fact that at the end of the day, we're all still pseudo-anonymous to each other even. But we're also building this with anybody who joins our community and participates. We've actually...it's been a soft launch. We call it Pipo. It's an incentive structure for tipping and earning their spoons. It's basically a social token within our community, and we're going to extend it across platforms as we develop it. Just...the point is...we want to be able to take ideas from the community, incentivize it, and reward it in a permissionless style where people can pose ideas.

[00:11:38.470] - Akarin
Going back to the fun part...think about it this way. So as an investor in DeFi, for example, there's many users who aren't able to access certain projects at a low price.

[00:11:53.380] - kRomie

[00:11:53.680] - Akarin
For example, like seed rounds, pre-seed projects...and so on the hedge fund side, investing in Concave is essentially a way...for anyone...to be able to gain access to strong foundational protocols that are before launch that are just launching their seed. And just like early stage products in general, we aren't just like investing in specifically DeFi projects. There's, like, a lot of projects that we are working with now due to sensitive information, because a lot of these projects haven't released. Some of them haven't finished their seed round, or some of them haven't, like, released public information about it yet. We aren't able to disclose the specific projects that we're investing in yet. We're hoping to do that really soon and come market these projects.

[00:12:45.160] - CJ
Got it. Are any public at this time?

[00:12:49.870] - Akarin
There's a few that will come out, I think, very soon. Pretty soon. We're basically just co-marketing, basically just planning out the co-marketing campaign with them. And yeah, we're going to have like AMAs, cool events.

[00:13:03.590] - CJ
Definitely looking forward to that. And then can you speak a little bit to how you get access to these deals? Everyone obviously has been super interested in trying to find like the next hot thing, and obviously they want in as a seed investor. But how do you source these deals? How would someone participate in Concave know that you have access to the best founders or the best protocols? I'm just curious if you can share your thoughts on that.

[00:13:25.010] - Akarin
Great. Yeah. So for Concave, if you don't know, the founders of Concave was basically TNA Capital, which was basically, I guess...like a small group of people that slowly grew over time. And so people like Jman, people like Epic, people like Folk, are just very well connected in general. And also, apart from that, a lot of our community members from the beginning, it turns out that they were also very well connected. A lot of our team members that came from the community, some of them are like new VCs. Some of them are part of VCs...some of them. Some of them run these organizations. Basically, we get opportunities from a lot of people. And also as an organization, we have good connections with other protocols, specifically with Olympus. A lot of our founders are well connected for Olympus. And so we know a lot of people in the space. And since we are able to pull these funds...since we're able to pull these funds, we're able to find opportunities that the common investor may not find.

[00:14:43.910] - kRomie
Yeah. I think part of the magic of Concave from the beginning is just this combination of individuals with unique talents and connections that they've brought from their years of experience. It's all just come together to create what is Concave. Now we have a back-end infrastructure that is set for serious scaling, and we're working and developing on a level that I can only compare to multi-billion dollar corporations. We're using the same software infrastructure to run and develop our organization.

We're not a slapdash group of individuals just making stuff up. But at the same time, it always comes down to the people in the community. This is why, if anyone asks me what is our biggest USP, it's the people. It's the community. Like TNA capital is community. They were original Ohmie community members who built up their connections, met success, and they worked on other projects, met other people from other successful projects. And then it's enabled us to make the decisions that we've been able to make. And going forward, it's going to continue to come from people that join us through these previous connections or the new ones that we make. As our products get rolled out and new people roll in.

[00:16:08.540] - kRomie
We're always reaching to educate new users and reach new users and onboard new DeFi users. And that's where all the connections are going to come. It's not going to necessarily come from me. It's going to come from someone I meet. And they just want to see the energy and excitement...they want to work and they want to earn with us. And that's as simple as that.

[00:16:31.750] - CJ
Got it. Yeah, before you guys launched, I know there was plenty of hype on Twitter and...mystery and intrigue. People were trying to figure out what you were up to. We were trying to figure out what you're up to, because you posted that really interesting image with a bunch of protocols and...Tokemak under a little campfire in a cave, if I recall correctly. So I think I even DMed the Twitter account trying to figure out how we were going to play into it and set up a conversation. So I also was curious what you guys were up to.

So now that you guys have launched, you've been out for just over a month, and you're in the process of launching staking and bonding. Do you think that your staking and bonding products are really going to...silence the haters?

Sounds a little strong, but just sort of...counter the narrative that some people have just believed that you're only hot air. I'm curious which products you're most excited for that you're going to be in a position to let the results speak for themselves.

[00:17:28.750] - kRomie
As far as products that speak for themselves...yes, the staking and bonding will, but the staking and bonding is just the backbone to what we really have in store. And I could go off forever talking about our future plans, but it'll become a long ramble. I don't want to lose anybody on that yet, because ultimately what I don't like or...what I see a lot of people do is make promises and then never deliver. And so we want to focus on one thing at a time, and then we're going to iterate upon that, and we want to iterate quickly. And so we're going to have our bonding and staking go live. Liquid staking. It's going to be an AMM. Liquid staking means you can lock your Concave for up to a year. And a lot of people are like...oh, what happens if I need to cash out? Well, we're going to have an NFT marketplace that allows you to buy and trade your position. So if you need liquidity, it will always be available. If not, you can just sit and chill. And we will pay out dividends quarterly from revenues from our treasury management.

[00:18:38.600] - kRomie
And non-natives literally don't have to do anything to collect it. It will be airdropped. It will not be in CNV tokens. It will be in other tokens like DAI, ETH, et cetera. Whatever the policy team decides to reward given that month or that quarters...just losing words here, you get what I'm getting at with the dividend. That, to me, is the most exciting part of the whole thing. The bonding and staking just sets up for it, and the real exciting stuff is coming.

[00:19:15.710] - Akarin
We basically...on our treasury side, we believe active treasury management is very important because at the end of the day, crypto DeFi, these are very volatile markets. And so personally speaking on our side, we need to have a skilled policy team, which we do have. Very skilled people who basically go ahead and say...okay, in terms of volatile conditions, say, like, it's a bear market, for example, how do we keep the treasury safe? We basically refer to risk-off strategies like stable farming, et cetera. And then at times we're able to go risk-on. We basically go more risk-on and find other strategies that we can work with. So we believe that active treasury management is important and that this is what will keep the funds safe from market conditions.

[00:20:11.730] - CJ
Got it.

[00:20:12.690] - CJ
Exciting things to come in the next few weeks, it sounds like, with a couple of announcements for seed investments in addition to staking and bonding. Sounds like you guys have a bright couple of weeks ahead of you.

[00:20:22.190] - Akarin
Thank you, sir. And you guys, too?

[00:20:23.910] - CJ
Yeah, indeed. We have plenty. And today at 2:30, we'll be digging into that, with Liquidity Wizard addressing our community. So come on by if you're free, and hear what we're up to. I've got a few more questions, but I'm going to pass it over to 70k3m3ch...if you happen to have any that you're chewing on over there.

[00:20:41.150] - 70k3m3ch
No, I think just in general it was a great overview. I would be interested in...how you're specifically thinking about liquidity, and trading liquidity for your token...and then how that relates to Tokemak and a potential Reactor.

[00:20:58.970] - Akarin
Yeah. So in terms of CoRE3, unfortunately, it's not possible for us to get a Reactor because we didn't have liquidity in Uniswap. We have our own AMM.

[00:21:10.090] - kRomie

[00:21:10.600] - Akarin
But in general we're really bullish on Tokemak because liquidity will always be important in the space, and believe that Tokemak has the efficiency, it has the team, and it has a pretty solid idea on how to go about, like, providing liquidity to others. And, you know, most bullish is once you guys get your permissionless Reactors going. I think that's when things will really start taking off, and we're really looking forward to that.

[00:21:43.070] - kRomie
Yeah. OhmerSimpson also touched on it in the chat as well. I think those are both very good answers. It really comes down to a technical timing issue, mostly because we are a young protocol. We've only been out for a month, and we are starting with kind of a unique situation where we are bringing our own AMM online. So we have our liquidity. It's all there.

And for us to fully support having that CoRE3 Reactor, we have to fork that liquidity, which...right before bonding and staking or at the same time, sounds like a kind of a bad plan. But we're here because, as I said initially, we are official partners with Tokemak, and we want to support not only what you guys are doing, but we want to also be a part of it. If we were to theoretically win this CoRE3 vote, I expect that it would light a fire under our engineers and policy teams. But to make a Reactor come online sooner rather than later. But I can assure you guys that the long run plan is no matter what happens, we're still going to gun for a Reactor and it will come online as soon as it's possible and makes sense.

[00:23:08.390] - kRomie
In the meantime, we're here to support not just you guys, but our other partners who are also in the running Premia and Redacted. I know I've sent my bribes over to Redacted. I love those guys. I'm here for the process. I'm here for the journey.

[00:23:29.250] - CJ
I tried to message...awhile back, and he had some interest in accepting tAssets. Once your bonding program goes live, do you have a sense for which assets will be accepted first, and when the assets might be a part of that plan?

[00:23:42.460] - kRomie
Yeah. So that's the part that's our next discussion. It's...which one makes sense? This is why if I announced something now and then, things could easily change in the markets due to timing, right. Even just as short as a month. So it could be literally any asset we would support...the ones that make the most sense. And for bonding and staking, we're only supporting with Concave, CNV, and DAI just at the beginning. Right. Because it's all new. We want to make sure that it works as intended...that it's error free, bug free, that we don't risk anyone's assets unnecessarily. Right. We're going to take on all that risk. And as soon as that passes muster to our team internally, we're going to start pairing with our partner assets. And which ones do we do first? I'd love to have that conversation as early as tomorrow and just make it happen.

[00:24:39.550] - Akarin
Yeah. Once we get the whole MVP rolled out, we're definitely looking to explore adding more assets to our AMM, adding things like tAssets, implementing them to our protocol. I think that could be like a really good avenue for potential conversations in the future.

[00:24:59.070] - CJ
I totally agree. Looking forward to having that one with you guys. One question here from the community, from Crocodile Playing Piano. They're asking about how you create a genuine community. I'm wondering if you can speak to that.

[00:25:19.890] - kRomie
I touched on this. I hinted earlier a little bit, and I hate talking too much about it, because again, I want to prove things before we jump to the next. But at the same time, you have to get philosophical, right? You need to see the vision, you need to believe, and ultimately you need to believe in yourself.

And so we have soft launched this system called PIPO, and it exists purely as a bot on our discord right now. But it enables us to tip each other. And not just me, the team lead, tipping a community member. It allows a community to tip community. And the power in this empowers individuals to take on ownership of what they're doing. We have people creating value every day in our communities by just being there, being present, by chatting...when there's FUD, and you respond in a positive way with reason and thinking, and in a way that deflates the argument or makes people understand stuff that's something valuable. And what we want to do is allow people to show your appreciation by giving each other spoons. And these spoons are going to be tracked on the leaderboard.

[00:26:42.640] - kRomie
Very meta, but over time, it's going to become very granular. We have our different departments, such as marketing, where we have daily tasks, we have weekly tasks, and we'll eventually be paying out salaries, we've got bonuses, and we're going to keep handing out these spoons. And as you gain spoons, you're going to gain status and you're going to gain notoriety in the community through your contributions. And over time, it's going to become like your trust score. And when we're looking for someone who...we need to get a meme done and we see you've got a high score in spoons from your meme work...then we know you're the guy to hire. And it's not just that you can apply this to literally anything. And so we want to create a level of engagement where the users are empowered to tip and show everyone else the value of the work that they're doing. And in doing so, build up your social profile and social status that can be shared everywhere...add a layer where you can actually make money. Much like the artist on the side of the street who's got his hat out and he's just playing beautiful music for you on multiple instruments.

[00:28:12.920] - kRomie
Maybe he's got a partner doing a dance. I've seen some of the most amazing performances by people putting their heart and soul into their performances on the streets, collecting tips, and then they turn that into a living. And we want to do this in a way that creates a permanent sticky place for people to hang around because they know if they spend their time there, they're going to be rewarded for it. And if they're a toxic individual, they'll also quickly be weeded out by that same system. And I don't have to do anything. I don't have to call anyone out. I don't have to ban anyone. People can just not tip them. They can be sent to the troll pit where it'll cost you a substantial amount of your social rank to get out. And that's to me, what it's about is empowering people to treat other people in just meaningful ways. And this is the long term plan of what we're doing in Concave. I do want to tie this into our core features. And like you can imagine...if you've done a lot of work for us, you've collected so many spoons, why cannot that be a discount on your bonding rate or grant you access to some special content that we've just created for VIPs?

[00:29:35.050] - kRomie
There's so much that you can do. Like, it's literally endless ideas...all these ideas I hope to source from the community over time and implement them as soon as possible. Yeah, but still, I can talk forever about this. I'm going to let Akarin cut me off.

[00:29:51.670] - Akarin
It's early stages, but we are very ambitious. We are very bullish on this. Very much. Our guy Andy has spent...months building out the bot.

[00:30:01.670] - kRomie
Yeah, it's custom. Completely custom.

[00:30:04.690] - Akarin
Yeah, we're still early, but eventually we would like to create, like, a small organization where people can basically receive monetary awards just from participating in however they can in the protocol. That's like the TLDR of it.

[00:30:25.090] - CJ
Got you. As a quick follow up, have there been any techniques for community building that have really caught your eye from other communities that you brought into Concave?

[00:30:35.390] - Akarin
You mean like tactics and stuff like that?

[00:30:37.890] - CJ
Anything that...you really appreciate what they're doing, and you made a very intentional point to replicate for Concave because you thought it was so great.

[00:30:45.110] - Akarin
Well, originally we started off...like a whole stuff, but I think what you guys are doing at Tokemak, specifically regarding how much of a focus you guys put on education and informing the community. Those are definitely things that we've learned from and glean from since we've moved away from all the psyops. We're looking to be more transparent. We're looking to offer more education on the protocol and also just...more information...updates. And I think Tokemak does that very well. We're definitely learning a lot from that.

[00:31:23.850] - CJ
Thanks. Yeah, Paul's done a really good job creating a strong brand. And the Leaky Reactor is a fun way to share updates on Sundays and get people looking forward to when we share those updates. So we've done a couple of things really well over here.

[00:31:36.320] - Akarin
Personal favorite: Tokemak Radio. I'm like, damn you guys, that's so cool. We need a Concave radio!

[00:31:41.790] - CJ
New playlist is fire. It's never something I would have listened to on my own, but I had it going. I was like...this is actually high quality, right?

[00:31:49.230] - Akarin
I love your community. I am a TOKE holder. Proud TOKE holder, not looking to sell. I know that TOKE will make it. I firmly believe it. I may be wrong.

[00:32:00.890] - kRomie
We're going to make it because of our communities. This is the whole point, right? It's the strong communities that tie us together and we do this together. And if we can continue to support this in meaningful ways and we survive together, then we're golden...you've hit it.

We're copying you guys because you have partners and you're doing it right.

[00:32:29.850] - CJ
Well, thank you. I really appreciate the kind words there. So to wrap things up today, can you give us a picture of what the most successful version of Concave looks like and what it will take for you to get there?

[00:32:47.190] - Akarin
That's a very ambitious one for me. You want to start with that?

[00:32:49.940] - kRomie
It's going to take scale 100%, and it's going to take implementing these systems that at first seem basic and seem completely disconnected and don't make any sense. But at the end, they fit together like a puzzle...completing the picture that we've all been working on. DeFi is very close to revolutionizing financial...just the world of finance...completely. We've got governments trying to pile in as we speak and loading up, getting ready to buy the massive dip that we all know is coming and it's still missing components. Right. And the biggest one, web3, 100%, is missing that interactive and engaged layer...I think that's why we have a big push for gamification play to earn, because it's an easy cop for engagement but it's not the thing that's going to make us last. It's just one piece. Right. So at this scale, with the number of users with enough people utilizing our protocols together and just allowing seamless movement of funds and your profile and your history together is...the key that's going to bring it together...and we're still one to two years off at a bare minimum, but how can we get there quickly?

[00:34:30.270] - kRomie
I think Akarin may know.

[00:34:32.180] - Akarin
Yeah. So in terms of the scalability, one reason I was so excited about Concave and just pretty impressed of what I saw is that we have, like, a fully scalable organization. Don't get me wrong, we've had growing pains as we went along, and communication issues...but I think that basically we're fully following, like, the agile framework...we have specific scrum lords that help us work through agile and all that but we really think that this structure is...really awesome because it allows for really strong scaling between organizations and then the extension of that is essentially people. We're looking to have like a top-down structure where everyone can contribute and everyone can move up, and then we can have things like epic refinement sessions, PI planning, and then just work through...each step of the protocol to make sure that everything is safe...everything is good, everything is good for launch. So that is one thing that I'm pretty bullish on, and I think that's what will help us scale essentially. Love it.

[00:35:45.130] - CJ
Well gentlemen, I really appreciate your time today...great to talk to all you. Ohmer, wish we could have heard your voice, but maybe next time...thank you for this time too.

[00:35:53.950] - kRomie
We appreciate it.

[00:35:55.630] - Akarin
Yeah really appreciate the questions and just, like, all of your warm welcomes...we really appreciate you.

[00:36:03.980] - CJ
Yeah. Super glad to have you guys. If someone wanted to learn more about Concave, where would they go?

[00:36:08.970] - kRomie
Concave lol.

[00:36:10.670] - Akarin
Concave.lol. We have, like, our Gitbook. Feel free to join our Discord. We always have helpful people there that can help you get settled.

[00:36:18.680] - CJ
Yeah, love it. Awesome. Gentlemen, thank you so much. It's been a pleasure...looking forward to seed investments, staking, and bonding coming soon (TM). All right. Enjoy the weekend. Thank you, thank you.

[00:36:35.470] - kRomie
Have a great day. Bye. Take care.

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