Pilot Manual: How to Vote During CoRE

Degen Dan

The Collateralization of Reactors Event has finally begun! 42 token candidates will battle it out to be the first projects to benefit from Sustainable Liquidity. While the winners of the C.o.R.E. vote will be the first Reactors to go live, those that do not make the cut will have an opportunity to spin up their own Reactors once the platform stabilizes in the weeks after the first Reactor ignitions.

Full details can be found on the Tokemak Medium.



  • 42 projects will be candidates for the first cohort of Reactors.
  • Voting lasts for seven days – there is no rush to vote.
  • The top five projects will continue on to have Reactors created, and the team will reach out to their DAO for collaboration.
  • Both single-sided TOKE stakers and Sushi/Uni LPs will receive voting shares.
  • New users are welcome to vote.
  • Users may allocate votes to multiple projects.
  • Votes can be modified.
  • Only a wallet signature is required; no gas is needed.
  • Removing staking position will remove votes accordingly.
  • Single-sided TOKE stakers will receive four votes per one TOKE.
  • Uni/Sushi LPs will enjoy a vote multiplier equaling eight votes per TOKE, or 69 votes per one LP token.
  • Escrowed TOKE (vesting tokens) will receive one vote per TOKE.

Not sure who to vote for?

More discussion can be found over at #core-chat on Discord, and we will have a brief guide to the top contenders coming soon!

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