Cycle Zero Ends: Liquidity Direction Now Live


During Cycle Zero, Tokemak was a glorified yield farm (sorry not sorry), since all deposited assets were simply sitting idle in reactors waiting for the glorious day where they would break free of the confines of their magnetically induced shackles.

Now, with the ending of Cycle Zero, active liquidity direction has begun. Hurricane Tokemak has been upgraded to a Cat-3 (if we're going with this analogy, lets save Cat-4 for the unguarded liquidity deployment and Cat-5 for permissionless reactors 🌪️).

For Pilots, this means that your Liquidity Directing votes now matter! In this preliminary phase of deployment, only Sushiswap and Uniswap will be enabled (with Curve remaining the default) – so allocate your votes accordingly.

Additionally, the protocol is moving to weekly cycles, which now start on Wednesday, so Pilots will be able to collect their rewards 2 days early this week.

In Cycle Zero, you'd begin to earn rewards the first full day after staking and withdrawals would become available the day after a request was submitted. Now, the change in period means that withdrawals and rewards will be processed weekly.

Liquidity Directors will be required to migrate their staked TOKE in order to continue to earn rewards. This can be done easily via the Tokemak Dashboard, and won't require any re-staking.

The Conclusion of Cycle Zero: Weekly Cycles and Staked TOKE Migration
Weekly Cycles and Migration tl;dr
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