gOHM Reactor Activated: Earn Rebase & TOKE Rewards


It's been a rough week for our Ohmie brothers, but Olympus DAO members now have an opportunity to double-dip on their yield with a gOHM reactor!

The existing reactor is naked OHM – intended for Olympus DAO themselves in order to direct OHM liquidity – so users would have to sacrifice rebasing rewards in order to deposit.

The new reactor released today supports the recently created "governance OHM", which is essentially wrapped & staked OHM. It was created for improved cross-chain transferability, so gOHM holders will continue to benefit from rebasing rewards without requiring the token to be staked on the Olympus Dashboard.

The reactor APR will fluctuate until deposits settle down, but expect ~10% once the reactor stabilizes.

To stake, deposit your gOHM into the reactor at Tokemak.xyz.

The Token Reactor
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