How to Buy TOKE on a DEX

Degen Dan

Hello future Tokemechs! This guide is your first step to joining the squadron of Pilots in the fight for sustainable liquidity in DeFi.

First up is a video demo on how to buy TOKE using Paraswap, followed by a written guide.

To buy TOKE, the first step is to connect your Ethereum based web3 wallet to your exchange of choice. It is recommended to use either Metamask or any Wallet Connect supported wallet (

TOKE is currently traded on Uniswap and Sushi; however, exchange aggregators such as and are great options as they will automatically find you the best price by aggregating liquidity across all available exchanges.

The following instructions apply to most DEXs. This tutorial assumes that you already have ETH ready in your wallet.

Navigate to an exchange, and click the "Connect Wallet" button.

This will prompt you to select from a number of options.

Once your wallet is connected to your exchange of choice, you can select which token you would like to swap from and which token you would like to receive.

In the "Receive" section, you will need to enter the TOKE contract address. You can find this by going to CoinGecko and searching 'Tokemak' (

The contract address is in the top right hand corner. Copy and paste this into the receive section on your exchange.

It is also helpful to click the 🦊 icon on CoinGecko's details page in order to add the token to MetaMask – otherwise, it may not show up in your "Asset" list automatically.

You can now continue by entering the amount of TOKE you would like to buy and completing the transaction in your wallet.

Congratulations, Pilot!

Once your transaction is complete you should see your TOKE tokens in your wallet. You can now head over to and stake your TOKE in the single asset pool or become a TOKE/ETH LP to earn TOKE rewards. A guide for this process will be published soon!

If you've run into any issues throughout this process a fellow mech is waiting and ready to help you in the Tokemak Discord!

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