ICYMI: Introducing Votemak

Votemak lets protocols bribe $TOKE holders to vote for their Reactors via smart contracts. Protocols put up bribes in any ERC-20 and $TOKE holders can collect those bribes after voting.

Votemak allows protocols to deposit a pool of funds that get paid out to C.o.R.E. voters depending on the Reactor they vote for. But will it be enough to change the tides of the event? We will see.

So far, only pocket change has been deposited into the Votemak rewards pool, but C.o.R.E. lasts all week – we may see incentives grow as protocols become more desperate for votes as the end draws near.

As a TOKE holder, all you need to do is participate in C.o.R.E. like normal. But, if you hop over to Votemak during the event and see that a particular Reactor has a prize pot enticing enough, you can change your vote in order to collect your share of the "bribe" once C.o.R.E. has concluded.

Votemak - Let your favorite protocols bribe you for your toke
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