☢️ Leaky Sunday: Bandwidth, Buyback & Airdrop


Update: Leak added below!

🍾 Liquidity Wizard has just dropped the first Leaky of the New Year, and with the holidays now in the rear-view, we're expecting Carson and the rest of the Tokemak team to be focused on spinning up the Reactors.

  • Leak 1: Bankless article on liquidity bandwidth. Will likely cover the Tokemak end-game of maximizing the productivity of (currently idle) assets – e.g. locked, vesting, and treasury tokens being deposited in Reactors.
  • Leak 2: Improved Reactor reserves. We've heard some details on stablecoins being used to improve Reactor stability already, but we're curious why the C in "curve" is capitalized in this leak... does the Wiz have a trick up his sleeve related to the Curve stablecoin platform? Time-locked veTOKE for boosted rewards? (h/t LegacyJezebel). He has also been chatting with the Rari team a bit more lately, so we hope to hear more about what's cooking up with the Tokemak <> Rari relationship. Fuse Pools for tAssets are likely happening soon.
  • Leak 3: Secret uses for TOKE? Stay tuned...
  • Leak 4: TOKE buyback. The Tokemak protocol itself purchasing TOKE on the market in order to bolster its own position.
  • Leak 5: Airdrop inbound! TOKE? BRANE? An NFT? A little late for presents under the tree, but we won't complain.
LiquidityWizard via Discord
LiquidityWizard via Discord
Extra Leak: Tokemak Diagram

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