☢️ Leaky Sunday! "Kingmaker of Web3"


What?! A leak during daylight hours? (well, for us Americans...) Liquidity Wizard and Sterling Archer must have figured this article will require extra time to digest.

The Kingmaker

Tokebase has speculated on the Liquidity Wars (a.k.a. Toke Wars) and Tokemak's ability to be a Kingmaker for protocols that embrace it, but in this Medium post, Archer digs deeper than we ever could to explain the symbiotic relationship between Curve and Tokemak, and the incredible power TOKE grants aspiring stablecoins like FRAX.

Tokemak, the Kingmaker of Web3
Leaky Thoughts by Core Contributor Sterling Archer


LiquidityWizard via Discord

If we hear any more gossip in the Leaky Reactor tonight, we'll update this post!

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