☢️ Leaky Sunday! gOHM, Curve, Rari, L2s, Governance & Launches


Liquidity Wizard is about to cause a reactor meltdown with this many leaks!

gOHM Reactor Tomorrow?

a gOHM reactor would allow users to earn rebase and TOKE rewards

Exchange Voting (Including Curve!)

0x Integration pushed back, but Curve has stepped in

L2 Support on Matic (and more coming)

tAsset/Asset Swaps with Curve (and Rari Fuse Pools 👀)

Governance for tAsset Holders

Blended APR will not (yet) factor in the LD venue

TOKE Meta-Governance

Liquidity Deployment

Uniswap & Sushi LPs

TOKE/ETH LP rewards will continue until TOKE<>TOKE meta-reactor is live
both TOKE and TOKE/ETH LPs will be eligible for Airdrops

Tokemak Incubator

Just as we speculated...

Tokemak Incubator: Reactor Raises & Token Launches
SparkleCrimes speculates on Tokemak’s future as a project incubator, allowing reactors to be used to bootstrap ideas as an alternative to early stage VC rounds.

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