☢️ Leaky Sunday! C.o.R.E.3, veTokenomics, NFTs

70k3m3ch steps up to deliver tonight's Leaky Sunday with news about audits, CoRE3, veTokenomics, and hints about a Fei/Rari surprise. end0xiii also quenches our thirst for NFT deets with some drops of intel.

☢️ Leaky Sunday! C.o.R.E.3, veTokenomics, NFTs

Liquidity Wizard errr... Lizard? is having a bit of an identity crisis tonight, so he has sent 70k3m3ch to the Leaky Reactor tonight in his place.

Gated Liquidity Deployment

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No Lambos, but Maybe a Feirari



And that's all, Pilots! Feel free to continue to drink until next Sunday.

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