☢️ Leaky Sunday! vlTOKE, Airdrops, C.o.R.E. Spotlight


Last week, Liquidity Wizard dropped a major update on the Future of Tokemak, and tonight he's back with an exciting series of leaks – including new tokenomics that will "dramatically increase our PCV".

The changes will include vlTOKE and tokeETH (a.k.a. pETH). The former will likely be similar to other vote-locked tokens across DeFi, which reward stakers with additional voting power and yield depending on the duration of the lock.

The latter, however, is more of a mystery to us...

Perhaps tokeETH will be a mechanism intended to permanently lock Ethereum into the system (since ETH will likely always be one of the most needed and productive pair assets), but we're sure there will be a clever twist to the design.

We expect to learn more over the coming weeks. Carson has been a bit more chatty lately, so we're getting the feeling that the calm before the storm is about to come to an end.

Additionally, with C.o.R.E.3 beginning on May 2nd, the team has lined up a series of "C.o.R.E. Spotlight Events" which will be voice- & text-based AMAs with a handful of the new Reactor candidates. The first one is tomorrow (Monday) morning Pacific time, and as usual, Tokebase will be on standby to record & publish the events.

  • StakeDAO - Monday April 25, 9:30am PST
  • Angle Protocol - Tuesday April 26, 9am PST
  • Immutable X (text) - Tuesday April 26, 7pm PST
  • Silo - Wednesday April 27, 10am PST
  • Redacted - Thursday April 28, 10am PST
  • Paladin - Wednesday May 4, 10am PST

Below is a copy of the full announcement from Liquidity Wizard & 70k3m3ch

Liquidity Wizard

Leak time! I’d like to send a personal thank you to all you Pilots. I know you’ve been waiting a while for some big updates, and your patience is about to pay off. Let’s get that started with some leaky hints…

New tokenomics are about to be revealed. As a preview, here’s some approximate analogies for those who understand the Convex/Curve ecosystem:

  • CVX -> TOKE
  • vlCVX -> vlTOKE
  • cvxCRV -> tokeETH (or pETH, name being finalized)

This is going to dramatically increase our PCV, through a growing diverse array of PCAs based on our reactors. If you want to know the opportunity here, look at the amount of the CRV supply that Convex has been able to capture. Tokemak is pushing for a similar capture, but across ALL assets. This will be massive.

Oh yeah, and lots more revenue is coming very soon.

Did I mention that three airdrops are planned for TOKE stakers before the end of 2022?

C.o.R.E.3. is one week away, on May 2nd. @70k3m3ch ┻┳ has some announcements as we get our community plugged into the new token communities vying for the next reactors.

Lots more coming from me soon too!

70k3m3ch ┻┳

During the last C.o.R.E. events we had many of the participants come into the Tokemak Discord to introduce themselves and rally the community behind them. I found this to be great opportunity also for the community to learn a bit more about protocols (maybe even discover one they had not known about before).

So for this C.o.R.E. we thought we'd actually add to that, and sent out invites to the new participants for what we call C.o.R.E. Spotlight events. We'll host the teams here — both for voice channel AMAs and text-based intros.

We'll of course keep this unbiased from our end – so we plan on starting with the same friendly, hassle-free questions for all of them and then see where the convo goes!

The current schedule is as follows (we might add one or the other as well):

— This week —

  • StakeDAO - Monday 9:30am PST
  • Angle Protocol - Tuesday  9am PST
  • Immutable X (text) - Tuesday 7pm PST
  • Silo - Wednesday 10am PST
  • Redacted - Thursday  10am PST

— Next week —

  • Paladin - Wednesday 4th May 10am PST

via Discord
via Discord
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