☢️ Leaky Sunday! Fundamental Value


This year's recording-setting market downtrend has been demoralizing, but rest assured that nothing will stop the Tokemak team from executing on its roadmap.

We can withstand any market.  Even in an absurd scenario with zero TVL and a minimal TOKE price, the Tokemak DAO will be completely fine and continue to execute on our roadmap, growing our PCV (via ACC) which is what really matters.

Bear markets separate the wheat from the chaff – only the strongest survive. Times like these are the ideal opportunity to identify the teams that are truly dedicated, and we're excited to see the Tokemak vision play out.

Over the next few months we'll see a reduction in emissions and an increase in revenue, as well as the launch of Membrane, which is expected to offer tight integration with Tokemak as a source of liquidity.

While the team rarely discusses price, a core component of Tokemak's design is its treasury of protocol controlled assets. Liquidity Wizard has pointed out that we're only trading 2x above book value, with revenue expected to increase rapidly with the introduction of ACC.

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