☢️ Leaky Sunday! L2 Support, C.o.R.E.3, Stables & Q1 Expansion


LiquidityWizard popped into the Leaky tonight for a quick drink and alpha drop, including some tantalizing hints at Layer-2 support, stablecoins, and more.

LiquidityWizard via Discord

The Wiz has also teased that there is a deeper game being played with the Reactor APRs, and will be revealing details on these equations soon.

LiquidityWizard via Discord
LiquidityWizard via Discord

Olympus has been talking about releasing their own stablecoin, and Tokemak could be referring to a deeper partnership designed to spread this OHM-stable to DEXs, but we wouldn't be surprised if Tokemak decided to design something in-house instead.

LiquidityWizard via Discord

The team also has big plans for Q1 – but we'll have to wait for more details on what's coming.

Dreaming big, we're thinking it could involve Membrane with an orderbook-based exchange that appeals to institutions? Or maybe new projects using Tokemak as a launch platform?

Or, just give us what we really want: Tokeverse NFTs that grant us entry into the Citadel. We'll see.

LiquidityWizard via Discord

Finally, the team is pondering whether to host another C.o.R.E. event, or jump straight to permissionless Reactor deployment. We're voting for permissionless so we can pump up these TVL numbers, but we also see the benefit of a guarded approach.

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