☢️ Leaky Sunday! Stable Genius & Split Branes


Can you feel it? The Reactors are nearing critical mass.

Over the next couple weeks, more details will be revealed about the secret stablecoin project (hinted at again this week) as well as Membrane. Within the next month, liquidity deployment will be going live, and the full potential of the Reactors will begin taking shape.

Leak 1: Stablecoin-Enhanced Reactors?

Reading between the lines, we think the Wizard is hinting at using stablecoins to reduce the volatility of the reactors.

LiquidityWizard via Discord

Leak 2: Greed is Good

Carson explains the logic behind the Reactor balancing equations:

If all participants in the game are maximally greedy, the system operates at peak efficiency and the most rewards are paid out globally.
LiquidityWizard via Discord
Carson with the 150 IQ insults

Leak 3: Roadmap Coming Soon

(Let's not hold them to that timeline though... the deadline for Medium articles has a tendency to slip 😉)

LiquidityWizard via Discord

Leak 4: Split Brain

Carson has confirmed that the Tokemak and Membrane teams are independent of one another, which inspires confidence that both projects have the full attention of their developers.

LiquidityWizard via Discord
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