☢️ Leaky Sunday! Eve of C.o.R.E.3 & Signals from Deep Space


‘Twas the night before C.o.R.E.3, when all through the Leaky
not a creature was stirring, not even a wassie.

The mechas were hung by the launch bay with care,
in hopes that St. Carson soon would be there.

The Pilots were nestled all snug in their cockpits,
while visions of sustainable liquidity danced in their heads...

In tonight's Leaky, Liquidity Wizard & end0xiii outline improvements that the team will be making around community discussions, and InternetPaul launches a new Tokemak Radio station.

Liquidity Wizard

Pilots, C.o.R.E.3. Week is upon us.

We will be scheduling a Community Discussion in Discord or Twitter Spaces during CoRE3. Details coming soon.

We will release the roadmap soon, including the PCA expansion plan.

Also, we’re going to be stepping up communications with the community. We will soon do an AMA on the new mechanics that are coming soon. We plan to then turn Sunday Leakys into more informal team chats/updates.

I can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working so hard on…

Now let’s go check on those CoRE bribes this week.

@InternetPaul Pauly do you have anything for these fine Pilots?


What's that? I can't read my screen through all this blunt smoke

OK but, the Tokedevs have parsed an additional Tokemak Radio signal coming in from deep space. After decrypting and amplifying the signal it's now available on www.tokemak.radio

Tokemak Affiliate Radio is now live. Pour one, roll one, get the gang together, get in the bucket Chevy and crank it.

Demonic anime is paired with some real boomer rap mainly out of Memphis.


Also @DegenDan ┻┳ and I gonna get a perma-Tokemak Radio channel going tomorrow so we can pump up the jams straight from the Discord.

Also re: this [community discussions], we're cooking up some ideas to get more regular team check-ins going on the Discord to give better updates. We have a decent idea, hoping to finalize tomorrow and implement post-core for the core-related AMA...aiming to do this Wednesday given some team schedules, and it will either be a spaces or a stage chat in here. We'll finalize that time/day tomorrow and announce. Tomorrow, the team is gonna start with prepping the final testing for the start of core3 and I'll keep everyone updated on the exact start time. Pumped for this week.

And don't forget we have more C.o.R.E.3 spotlight events happening throughout this next week with one or two more to be added, so keep checking back.
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