☢️ Leaky Sunday! Multichain, DAOs, "Juicy" Yield, and more!


A late one tonight! The Pilots over in #the-leaky-reactor waited well past last call to get this Sunday's alpha drip, but damn was it worth it!

First up, Tokemak is going multichain (sooner than you think).

Next is a teaser of the long awaited "Future of DAOs" article.

The leaks don't stop there – another exciting bit of alpha involves growing the protocol's TVL by 2-4x and increasing APR to "juicy" levels. Oh my...

Leak numero four: The team will be sharing the list of DAOs that have already reached out to the Tokemak team – which should help Pilots decide which Reactors can offer the most value to the system.

Leak number five: The team is bumping the number of Reactor candidates up from 36 to 40. There must be a lot of interest...

The Reactor is flooded. The leaks cannot be stopped. Liquidity Wizard is literally underwater right now. The Wiz basically says that we can have Reactors for anything. Your cat can be made into a Reactor – why not?

That ...might... be all the leaks tonight? The bar is still open until tomorrow!

Whew! Enjoy.

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