☢️ Leaky Sunday! A Closer Look at Tokemak NFTs

Degen Dan

The curtains were pulled back this Leaky Sunday with a closer look into the Tokeverse.

In true leaky spirit, the Liquidity Wizard himself has admitted to coercing two other commanders into revealing more info about Tokemak NFT's before dropping a sneak peek!

Participating in Tokemak by staking, voting, or providing liquidity to Reactors will enable you to upgrade your Tokemech.

Up next, all C.o.R.E. participants will be whitelisted for early access minting for the Pilot NFTs.

Last but not least, Degenesis participants will be able to mint a Pilot NFT with rare Maverick trait for only the cost of gas! DeFi meets the metaverse.

Another Leaky Sunday that has left the Pilots in a state of shock and awe. We hope you can join us for the next Leaky Sunday in the Tokemak Discord server. If you can't make it, you'll be able to get up to speed here at Tokebase.org.

Fly high, Pilots.

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