☢️ Leaky Sunday! ACCumulation Season


Last week was one of the most brutal in crypto's history, with Terra being wiped out in a spectacular implosion, causing billions of dollars in value to be reduced to cents in a matter of hours.

But builders will continue to build, and while our portfolios aren't rising this morning, Liquidity Wizard and the rest of the Tokemak team certainly are!

During this month's State of the Reactor, the team outlined plans to increase protocol revenue and drive more value to TOKE via new ACC tokenomics. The basics of this new mechanism were described in a high-level Medium post, but expect more implementation details to drop shortly.

It feels like a lifetime ago when 0xParadigm first speculated about Membrane, but we will finally be getting more details about this upcoming OTC exchange and how it will integrate with Tokemak.

via Discord

Stay strong, Pilots! Bear markets are never fun, but you can use them as an opportunity to learn and help contribute to your favorite projects rather than wallow in despair...though if you'd rather wallow, we'll be waiting in The Leaky Reactor.

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