☢️ Leaky Sunday! Emission Efficiency & C.o.R.E.3


It's been a spicy weekend with the DeFi 2.0 founders taking aim at the Old Guard in a renewed battle for stablecoin dominance! Terra, Frax, Curve, and Convex have been getting most of the attention, but it certainly foreshadows the type of liquidity wars that will soon be at Tokemak's doorstep.

In tonight's Leaky, Liquidity Wizard provides more information on what the team has cooking behind the scenes regarding tokenomic efficiency, and ensuring that TOKE doesn't suffer the very farm-and-dump fate it is designed to alleviate.

via Discord

A more detailed explanation of how these changes will manifest will be published in a Medium post this week, along with a list of Reactor candidates for C.o.R.E.3.

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