☢️ Leaky Sunday! Tokemerch Spring '22 Collection

Our thoughts are with Carson ❤️
via Discord
Here's how you can get your greasy mitts on some of these rare bois
  • TOKEMECH PILOT (Rarity 1/1000)
    • Ungated
  • OPEN SOURCE (Rarity 1/250)
    • Ungated
  • MAVERICK OG (Rarity Rank Dependent)
    • You already know. Requires Maverick role in Discord
    • All degenesis wallets will be elligible for a single use discount to unlock this patch on Tokemerch.xyz. I’m working with @CodeNutt to set up a simple wallet sign that will allow authentication of degenesis participation, after which a single use discount code will be issued to the signooooooor.
  • LIQUIDITY (Rarity 1/250)
    • Ungated
    • Will be released
  • KILLER SHRIMP (Rarity 1/100)
    • We reserve the right to issue this patch on a case by case basis.
      • Bless these shrimps oh lord, for they know not what they do.
    • The first recipient will be @ETHlabor aka Danica Swanson for her Ode
  • WARDEN (Rarity Role Dependent)
    • Requires Warden role in Discord
  • CORE (Rarity 1/500)
    • TBD, we’re looking for an elegant way to connect participation in the C.O.R.E. events to this achievement
  • PIRATE RADIO (Rarity 1/250)
    • ungated
  • OUTLAW RADIO (Rarity 1/250)
    • ungated
  • GIFTED (Rarity 1/250)
    • Make a tangible contribution to the Tokemak Community. If you feel you’ve already done this, just say or show what it is/was and and apply for a discount code from @InternetPaul on discord (he’s slow on disc DM’s but will reply)
  • DEFI DOUBLETALL (Rarity 1/500)
    • ungated
  • GUTEN MORGEN (Rarity 1/1000)
    • ungated
  • TOKE (Rarity 1/1000)
    • ungated
  • C.O.R.E.1. (Rarity 1/100)
    • These patches discount codes will be sent to their respective DAO’s for distribution to the worthy
  • RANK PATCHES (Rarity Rank Dependent (no supply cap)
    • Pilot Patches will be ungated
    • If you have a rank above Pilot DM @InternetPaul for your discount code once the new drop is live.
  • TOKEMAK BADGE (No Supply Cap)
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