☢️ Leaky Sunday: CoRE Event Scheduled for September 28th


Liquidity Wizard has let slip additional details about the highly anticipated C.o.R.E. (Collateralization of Reactors Event). We garnered some details during the Rari Community Call, but now we have a definite list of eligible Reactors and a set date.

Stay tuned (or hang out in #the-leaky-reactor) for a couple more leaks tonight!

Leak 1: CoRE (Collateralization of Reactors Event) will begin on September 28th and last for one week. TOKE stakers will determine the reactors that Tokemak launches with. Each TOKE will be a vote, and the top 5 tokens that receive the most votes will get the first reactors. The eligible reactors you will be voting on will include:
Aave, Alchemix, Alpha Homora, API3, Axie Infinity, BadgerDAO, Balancer, Bancor, Band Protocol, Bankless DAO, Barnbridge, Basic Attention Token, BitDAO, Chainlink, Compound, Cream, Curve, Decentraland, Fantom, Fei, Frax, Illuvium, Maker, Near, Olympus DAO, Polygon, Rari Capital, Ren, THORChain, Sushi, Synthetix, Uniswap, Visor, Yearn, Ox

More details are to come in an official Medium post later this week.

Source: @LiquidityWizard - Discord

Leak 2: (really a follow-up): you can allocate (and re-allocate) your votes throughout the event, however you see fit. You can spread your votes across multiple projects. AND we have designed it so you don't have to pay gas, only sign once you are staked. If you're staked in TOKE, TOKE/ETH Uni LP, or TOKE/ETH Sushi LP, you will be able to vote without paying any additional gas fees once you're in the pools.

Source: @LiquidityWizard - Discord

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