Liquidity Directing Voting Goes Live


Attention Pilots! You can now use your staked TOKE to vote for liquidity direction.

The voting process is similar to C.o.R.E., where TOKE stakers will get a voting purse proportional to their staked capital.

The APR will be variable based on value of assets on both sides of the Reactor – if more LP is needed, the "deposit" side of the Reactor will offer higher yield. If more LD is needed, the TOKE voting side of the Reactor will offer higher yield.

Important Notes:

  • Liquidity Providers (UNI/SUSHI LP stakers) do not need to perform any extra steps and will continue to earn yield, but may be encouraged to withdraw LP tokens and convert to single-sided TOKE voting if the voting yield is attractive enough.
  • Single-sided TOKE stakers will need to explicitly allocate votes in order to continue to earn rewards.
When Token Reactor voting goes live today, you will have until the beginning of tomorrow’s Cycle to allocate your votes to continue earning rewards.

Liquidity will not yet flow to exchange venues at this point – that final step of the reactor ignition process will be going live sometime next month.

APR will be volatile until the Reactors reach an equilibrium – do not expect 4-digit APRs to last long!

Read more on the Tokemak Medium

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