Lobis: The Neutral Accumulator of TOKE

Guest Author

Written by Mr.E | Lost in Defi, Lobis Ambassador to Tokemak

GM Pilots. GN Pilots.

With the daily entrance of new protocols, governance tokens, and participants in the marketplace, the noble goals of decentralization, transparency, and the democratization of finance are ever pitted against the powers of centralization, opaqueness, and monopolization.

As we forge a new frontier of liquidity tooling and the potential of Toke Wars, let’s ask the question... Do the few or the many deserve to utilize the power of Tokemak?

A Quick Recap of Lobis

Lobis’ goal is to build a system in which the behavior of the $LOBI token is backed by a basket of governance tokens. In the long term, we believe this system can be used to scale decentralized governance tools as a public good, and as a platform for collective action for projects facing the threat of centralization due to the vicissitudes of the market.

What is Lobis Trying to Solve?

As a neutral accumulator of Toke and partner to the ethos of decentralization, Lobis intends to build tools and motivate more active governance participation across DeFi.

We are a meta-governance partner with other protocols and builders to be an accumulatoooor of project tokens (CRV, FXS, onboarding others soon) using Olympus bonding mechanics.

From the Lobis Manifesto:

There is no difference between “the team” and “the community”, they are one and the same. Come with your ideas, come with your passion, come with your creativity. Actions speak louder than words. For too long in DeFi have we fought amongst ourselves. Lobis is the place to find others who are like-minded, self-organize, and get stuff done.

How does Tokemak Fit into the Fold?

Tokemak is the first protocol that allows for increased transparency and democratization of liquidity provision, with the goal of becoming the primary vessel through which liquidity can flow freely and efficiently across networks.

Or as Sterling Archer so succinctly stated:

For governance tokens, Tokemak represents capital efficiency and control over liquidity. For stable coins, Tokemak represents widespread distribution. For Web3, Tokemak represents sustainable liquidity. In the novel internet where liquidity is ubiquitous, TOKE is the Kingmaker.

So what can Lobis provide for the Kingmaker?

The goals of Tokemak and Lobis are broad, but the opportunities for mutual value creation are endless:

Can Lobis be a partner in changing the state of governance?
  • Yes, as Tokemak is trying to be generalized liquidity, Lobis can achieve ownership of a broad basket of governance tokens and formation of utility around generalized governance.
Does Tokemak have the potential to lobby Lobis’ allocation of Toke?
  • Yes, a DAO to DAO swap is in the works and will provide a foundation for mutual cooperation.
What can be done with a Lobis funded Toke Reactor?

Andddd let’s speculate!

  • Lobis has accumulated 56,250 TOKE and can provide opportunities to source capital and direct liquidity by leveraging our communities to collaborate with yet-to-be-created projects and tokens.

Gigabrain Liquidity Wizard's off-the-cuff remarks from the Rari Community Call:

The TAM of Tokemak can be expanded by moving upstream to work with creators or would-be creators that have an idea but have yet to launch a token. We could essentially interrupt the VC model before tokens have even been created… Tokemak would attempt to capture ideas and mint tokens earlier than they normally would to get them into the Tokemak pipeline

Stay tuned on how a Lobis-Tokemak partnership could develop as Tokemak continues to mature as a platform.

Where do we go from here?

Tokemak continues to build. Lobis continues to build. We are at the very early stages of the DeFi landscape realizing the value creation by democratizing liquidity throughout the metaverse.

As an ambassador of Lobis, my time will be spent providing a soft bridge between the communities and finding ways for Lobis to work with Tokemak community members, builders, other DAOs to utilize its 56,250 (and growing!) TOKE in mutually beneficial ways.

Onward Pilots!

Lobis-Tokemak AMA with Liquidity Wizard: Wednesday 1/12/22 at 8pm UTC in the Lobis Discord!


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