March of the Tokemechs


Just scroll to the bottom and read the full source for all the juicy details – but for those who just want the 10k foot overview...


Liquidity Deployment

  • Cycle 203 (starting tomorrow): Liquidity from certain Token Reactors will begin flowing to Sushi & Uniswap. Guardrails remain in place.
  • Cycle 204 (March 16th): Liquidity will begin flowing from more Reactors to additional exchanges.
  • Cycle 205 (March 23rd): Guardrails reduced as more liquidity is deployed.


  • Week of March 14th: Audit detailing Curve tABC/ABC pools as deficit/surplus reserves. Gitbook docs will be updated with additional info.
  • C.o.R.E.3: Batch of Reactor candidates planned for end-of-month, with the Event occuring sometime in April.
  • March 23rd: Homepage overhaul.
  • March 30th: Various Dashboard UI improvements.
  • Late April: New splash/landing page.
  • Mid-late March: #dev-feed Discord channel to provide changelog-type updates.

Read on for more details!

Tokemak Update March 2022
March of the Tokemechs
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