March of the Tokemechs

The Tokemak team has published a short-term roadmap, outlining what to expect from the protocol in the weeks ahead.

March of the Tokemechs

Just scroll to the bottom and read the full source for all the juicy details – but for those who just want the 10k foot overview...


Liquidity Deployment

  • Cycle 203 (starting tomorrow): Liquidity from certain Token Reactors will begin flowing to Sushi & Uniswap. Guardrails remain in place.
  • Cycle 204 (March 16th): Liquidity will begin flowing from more Reactors to additional exchanges.
  • Cycle 205 (March 23rd): Guardrails reduced as more liquidity is deployed.


  • Week of March 14th: Audit detailing Curve tABC/ABC pools as deficit/surplus reserves. Gitbook docs will be updated with additional info.
  • C.o.R.E.3: Batch of Reactor candidates planned for end-of-month, with the Event occuring sometime in April.
  • March 23rd: Homepage overhaul.
  • March 30th: Various Dashboard UI improvements.
  • Late April: New splash/landing page.
  • Mid-late March: #dev-feed Discord channel to provide changelog-type updates.

Read on for more details!

Tokemak Update March 2022
March of the Tokemechs
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