"Intro to Tokemak" Paladin Community Call


Paladin, the "influence protocol", is a service designed to allow users to lend and borrow governance voting power on-demand.

Paladin will also be featured in a C.o.R.E. Spotlight AMA tomorrow, so be sure to check in at 10am PDT!

Recording is also available on SoundCloud.

C.o.R.E. is highly competitive, with DAOs rallying their communities to vote via bribes and educational campaigns preaching the benefits of a Reactor. Paladin has penned a "Love Letter" outlining the value they can share with the Tokemechs.

Looking past what is already live and compatible, we believe TOKE is one of the few governance tokens with enough power to create governance wars. We have built our whole roadmap around the belief that building synergistically with them would propel Paladin into the leading influence market. Led by this conviction, today, we’d like to offer an invitation to the Tokemechs to help us build an influence market for Tokemak. Not a bribe platform, but a fully fledged protocol enabling optimal use efficiency while shielding holders from slashing risk. – A Love Letter to the Tokemechs

For more information about Paladin:

Slides used during the event

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