Pilot Manual: Collateralization of Reactors Event


What is C.o.R.E.?

The Collateralization of Reactors Event is "governance on steroids". The essence of the event is to vote on which DAOs should be provisioned a Tokemak Reactor.

Demand for Reactors is very high. This is because a Reactor allows DAOs to reduce their liquidity mining emissions by an order of magnitude.

Over 50 candidates are eligible for a Reactor during this event, but only the top 5 will have their Reactors activated.

  • 1 liquid staked TOKE = 6 votes
  • 1 staked LP token = 69 votes
  • 1 locked (vesting) TOKE = 1 vote

Vote power is not Cycle dependent. Pilots may deposit more TOKE at any point throughout the event and receive additional votes. We are likely to see new TOKE deposits entering the system while the event goes on as users and DAOs rush to accrue more voting power.

When does it take place?

  • C.o.R.E.3 begins Monday, May 2nd at ~2pm PDT.
  • C.o.R.E.3 will end Monday, May 9 at 12PM PDT.

Since the event lasts a full week, be sure to check in periodically to see the placements.

How do I vote?

Voting takes place directly on the Tokemak.xyz app.

Voting is simple – if you are already familar with Tokemak, the C.o.R.E. voting experience will be self-explanatory. For newbie Pilots, please see our Pilot Manual video below.


Hidden Hand is a Votium-like protocol that allows anyone to deposit bribes for a C.o.R.E. Reactor candidate. Bribes for a given candidate can be made with any asset, so be sure to check the Hidden Hand interface to see precisely what tokens are being offered as rewards.

View available bribes on Hidden Hand. Bribes go live on Tuesday, the 3rd.

Hidden Hand Supports Tokemak C.o.R.E. 3
As of tomorrow, protocols can bribe users to vote for their Tokemak Reactor and TOKE holders can soon begin earning bribes through the Hidden Hand marketplace:

Pilots that are loyal to a certain DAO may be inclined to ignore bribes and simply vote on merit. This is heavily encouraged – don't let financial reward be your only consideration when voting!

In order to be eligible for bribes, Pilots simply need to vote normally from the Tokemak.xyz interface – no additional action is required. At the end of C.o.R.E., anyone who voted for a Reactor that received bribes will be eligible to claim their share of the reward pool. Keep in mind that the more votes a Reactor receives, the more distributed the bribes will be. Make sure to calculate the bribe-per-vote amount in order to receive the biggest payout.


Visit the #core3 channel in Discord and ask away!

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