Pilot Manual: Introduction to tAssets


101 Level Reactors Course


Introduction to tAssets

Liquidity Providers receive tAssets when they deposit tokens into a Reactor.

For example: deposit XYZ, receive tXYZ.

tAssets represent the underlying asset 1 to 1.

tAssets are transferable between wallets and the owner may claim the rewards.

tAssets can be redeemed or exchanged for the underlying token.

Deep liquidity exists for each tAsset pair on Curve.fi. Alternatively, Liquidity Providers can redeem directly from the Tokemak interface.

This may be done by requesting a withdrawal from the token reactor. After the end of the next Cycle the withdrawal can be processed.

This concludes the Introduction to tAssets course.

Refer to Tokebase.org for additional training materials.

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