[REDACTED] Cartel Acquires Votemak


Yesterday [REDACTED] Cartel announced its acquisition of Votemak in collaboration with the Tokemak team, DCF God, and 0xTomoyo.

[REDACTED] has made it clear that the TOKE Wars are here.

The full announcement from [REDACTED] can be read here, but there are two major statements worth repeating.

In an effort to place ourselves at the forefront of the imminent TOKE wars, we have conducted a strategic acquisition of the bribe facilitators for Tokemak reactors, Votemak. This acquisition will be overseen by elected community members of the cartel, Liquidity Wizard of Tokemak, and the core-team of Votemak, 0xTomoyo, DCF Intern, 0xMattyb, and DCFGOD.
Last CORE event, Votemak generated over $130,000 of profits from over $2M in bribes and we expect the bribe amounts to be higher in future rounds (just as convex bribing played out). Votemak is currently the leader in the space and the clear decider of 3 of the 5 reactors from the last vote.

[REDACTED]’s statements are about as bold and clear as their move in acquiring Votemak. The Curve Wars gave us early indication of just how prized liquidity direction would be and control in Tokemak is like opening the flood gates.

Oh yeah… one more big statement for Pilots to note:

The Votemak team will work closely with the cartel to ensure the next CORE round goes smoothly, and from there the cartel will take over full control of the product. In exchange we will be issuing $1m of wxBTRFLY at a 7d TWAP at time of this post, vested over 1 year.

Yep, bribes are on the menu Pilots!

Shortly after this announcement Twitter exploded with the news and confirmed the close collaboration between the two teams even catching the eye of noted crypto whale, Tetranode.

The TOKE Wars are still heating up but this first bout of activity has been incredible. Votemak’s utility will likely extend beyond C.o.R.E. and [REDACTED]’s conviction in aligning with the Tokemechs is clear.

And we still haven't even reached Leaky Sunday yet...

☢️❄️ Stay frosty Pilots! ☢️❄️

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