Sneak Peek at Votemak: Tokemak Bribes


DCF GOD has been building a system that allows protocols or other interested parties to incentivize TOKE holders to vote for a particular Reactor.

The dapp will very likely resemble Votium or CRV Vote Incentives, where tokens can be locked into a pool corresponding to a particular Reactor candidate and users who vote for that Reactor will receive their proportional share of the reward pot after voting concludes.

We reached out to DCF GOD for comment, and he provided us with the following details:

0) We call updateProposals which sets which proposals are available for bribes, and put a deadline as the CORE2 deadline
1) Protocol comes along and calls depositBribe proposal -> Address of the token for the reactor (needs to be one of the tokens being considered in CORE2) token -> whatever token they paying the bribe in amount -> how much of that token. The fn will take that from their wallet and put it into our contract (need to approve our contract to spend that token first)
2) The CORE vote happens, people vote as they normally would on
3) Deadline passes, winners are chosen, we call transferBribesToDistributor and the funds move to the claims contract
4) we run the script and call a fn on the claims contract to set which addresses get what
5) users can call a fn on the claims contract to get their bribes

The front-end UI is not yet available, but is expected to launch prior to C.o.R.E.2.

We are curious if Votemak will be adapted in the future to allow for incentivizing liquidity direction/liquidity provisioning in Reactors post-C.o.R.E. Although Tokemak is designed to reduce inflationary liquidity mining, a small percentage 'boost' could be worthwhile to give an edge to a particular asset or exchange venue.

Stay tuned for more details!

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