State of the Reactor - August 12th, 2022


Key Takeaways

  • Tracer is consolidating within the Mycelium brand and will transition to the MYC token. The Tokemak team is aware of the transition, and is in discussions with the Mycelium team. If you would like to withdraw TCR, do so before the next Cycle rollover.
  • It’s unlikely that there will be a Sushi-to-Curve migration utility for LPs, but the team will discuss it with the developers.
  • Regarding C.o.R.E.3: Tokemak is focused on the profitability of assets deployed into AMMs in order to better serve the protocol itself as well as the partnering Reactor assets. The team is taking a careful approach to liquidity deployments depending on the market conditions and liquidity needs of Reactor assets, and is not in a rush to deploy assets before maximum efficiency can be achieved. ROOK and SILO are furthest along in the ignition discussions.
  • There are no technical blockers to ACC, but the team is exploring more potential tweaks to the mechanism’s architecture that may change the specs, including improved composability. The team is prioritizing correctness over rushing to market. Contract launches cannot be undone, so it’s vastly preferable to iron out the details ahead of time.
  • The Ethereum merge is not expected to have any direct impact on the operation of Tokemak, but the team is very excited about the ability to utilize ETH staking derivatives in Pair Reactors (and is in discussions with protocols that are working on staking derivative implementations). This could increase yield due to the addition of ETH’s “risk-free-rate,” and there may be very significant competition from staking derivative tokens to gain dominance.
  • Experimental Reactors will allow for more risky strategies.
  • SHARP is very excited for crvUSD, as well as Curve’s position in DeFi as a whole. Tokemak’s accumulation of CRV/CVX will allow us to have a solid foothold in this arena.
  • The dApp UI revamp is still in the early stages, but the upcoming design changes will incorporate new protocol mechanics, and make the actions/motivations of the various actors in the system more clear.
  • There is no hard date for launch for the Exaverse NFT project. The Genesis Pilot collection art is close to being finalized, and the internal deadline is “this year” (but this is not firm). There will be “a lot to dig into” after launch, and it will be released as a full product.
  • Join the team in #the-leaky-reactor for Friday drinks!
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