State of the Reactor - December 16, 2022

The team provided updates on accTOKE and work in progress, including improved onboarding docs for new Pilots and an overhaul of the Gitbook.

Tokemechs taking notes and monitoring computer workstations in a control center

Key Takeaways

  • The accTOKE launch went smoothly with the hard cap being reached within a few hours, plateauing with the third Cycle. Minor bugs were addressed, but no major issues occurred.
  • The team is working on improving documentation to onboard new Pilots, starting with an overhaul of the Gitbook to improve flow and readability.
  • Tokemak v2 continues to be scoped out. More details will be coming soon!
  • The team is exploring the ability for Liquidity Directors to take directional positions, allowing for riskier strategies that are still managed by Tokemak’s liquidity deployment mechanics.
  • Rewards for accTOKE lockers will increase as per the previously described schedule, so the APR will adjust accordingly depending on the quantity of migrated TOKE – if the plateau continues, existing stakers will earn more.
  • The protocol will be able to reduce emissions by 50%, while also introducing exogenous and non-correlated rewards to users.
  • Check out the new Smuggler radio station!
  • The next SoTR will likely take place in January after the holidays. Until then, join the Discord for a drink in the Leaky Reactor!
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