State of the Reactor - December 16, 2022


Key Takeaways

  • The accTOKE launch went smoothly with the hard cap being reached within a few hours, plateauing with the third Cycle. Minor bugs were addressed, but no major issues occurred.
  • The team is working on improving documentation to onboard new Pilots, starting with an overhaul of the Gitbook to improve flow and readability.
  • Tokemak v2 continues to be scoped out. More details will be coming soon!
  • The team is exploring the ability for Liquidity Directors to take directional positions, allowing for riskier strategies that are still managed by Tokemak’s liquidity deployment mechanics.
  • Rewards for accTOKE lockers will increase as per the previously described schedule, so the APR will adjust accordingly depending on the quantity of migrated TOKE – if the plateau continues, existing stakers will earn more.
  • The protocol will be able to reduce emissions by 50%, while also introducing exogenous and non-correlated rewards to users.
  • Check out the new Smuggler radio station!
  • The next SoTR will likely take place in January after the holidays. Until then, join the Discord for a drink in the Leaky Reactor!
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