Danica Swanson and Study Hall Join Tokebase


Tokebase welcomes Captain Danica Swanson as our Wordsmith Tokemech (aka copy editor, colloquially known as resident grammar nerd).

She polishes up incoming Tokebase writings and keeps all the reactor-fuel gears well-oiled for the Tokemak Study Hall project.

Future Wordsmith aspirations include building an official in-house style guide and stewarding the emergence of more community lorecraft in the vein of “A Newbie’s Guide to the Tokemak Community,” her first piece for Tokebase.

Just after signing onto the Tokebase ranks, newly initiated Wordsmith Danica ventured outdoors for a walk and found this twig directly in her path — a good omen!

twig shaped like the Tokemak logo
white Tokemak logo on black background

Tokemak Study Hall is a regularly updated collection of resources designed to facilitate self-paced study and onboard new Pilots into the Tokeverse.

The Study Hall project began its life as a simple Notion page of links Danica collected to save a bit of search time when returning for multiple re-readings and review sessions.

Then it took on a life of its own.

The Tokemak community responded with enthusiasm, contributing more links and suggesting that Study Hall might eventually grow into Tokemak University.

Having quickly outgrown its earliest form, Study Hall now lives on Tokebase and spans eight separate pages.

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