Tokemak Study Hall: Technicals & Data

Danica Swanson

On this page:

  • Token distribution
  • Reward cycles
  • Contract addresses
  • Data & Dune Analytics dashboards
  • Links to track Tokemak treasury address, manager contract, TOKE holders, etc.
  • Diagrams, flow charts, decision trees, etc.

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TOKE Token Distribution

Tokemak token distribution chart

Cycles For Reward Eligibility

chart of cycles for reward eligibility

Contract Addresses

TOKE:     0x2e9d63788249371f1dfc918a52f8d799f4a38c94 
tTOKE:    0xa760e26aA76747020171fCF8BdA108dFdE8Eb930 
tWETH:    0xD3D13a578a53685B4ac36A1Bab31912D2B2A2F36 
tUSDC:    0x04bDA0CF6Ad025948Af830E75228ED420b0e860d 
tDAI:     0x0ce34f4c26ba69158bc2eb8bf513221e44fdfb75 
tFEI:     0x03dcccd17cc36ee61f9004bcfd7a85f58b2d360d 
tFRAX:    0x94671a3cee8c7a12ea72602978d1bb84e920efb2 
tgOHM:    0x41f6a95Bacf9bC43704c4A4902BA5473A8B00263 
twormUST: 0x482258099De8De2d0bda84215864800EA7e6B03D
tLUSD:    0x9eee9ee0cbd35014e12e1283d9388a40f69797a3 
tMIM:     0x2e9F9bECF5229379825D0D3C1299759943BD4fED 
tUniLP:   0x1b429e75369ea5cd84421c1cc182cee5f3192fd3 
tSushiLP: 0x8858A739eA1dd3D80FE577EF4e0D03E88561FaA3 
tOHM:     0xe7a7D17e2177f66D035d9D50A7f48d8D8E31532D 
tALCX:    0xD3B5D9a561c293Fb42b446FE7e237DaA9BF9AA84 
tTCR:     0x15A629f0665A3Eb97D7aE9A7ce7ABF73AeB79415 
tFXS:     0xADF15Ec41689fc5b6DcA0db7c53c9bFE7981E655 
tSUSHI:   0xf49764c9C5d644ece6aE2d18Ffd9F1E902629777 
tFOX:     0x808D3E6b23516967ceAE4f17a5F9038383ED5311 
tAPW:     0xDc0b02849Bb8E0F126a216A2840275Da829709B0 
tSNX:     0xeff721Eae19885e17f5B80187d6527aad3fFc8DE


Data & Analytics

Official Tokemak Dune Dashboard

Blockchain ecosystem analytics by and for the community. Explore and share data from Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, Optimism, BSC and Solana for free.

Toke Wars Dashboard by tratium & loblolly

Toke Wars Launch - Visualize the Race to Accumulate TOKE
Tokebase has launched Toke Wars, a dashboard showing the TOKE holdings of DAOs. The battle for sustainable liquidity has begun.

Tokemak Dashboard on DeFi Llama

DefiLlama is a DeFi TVL aggregator. It is committed to providing accurate data without ads or sponsored content, as well as transparency.

Tokemak Dashboard on Token Terminal

Tokemak (TOKE) | Dashboard | Token Terminal
View several financial metrics and valuation multiples for Tokemak (TOKE) and compare them against those of other blockchains and decentralised applications.

Tokemak Treasury Address on Zapper

0x8b43...969b -
0x8b43...969b portfolio on

Manager Contract (to track liquidity deployed)

0xa86e...6a14 -
0xa86e...6a14 portfolio on

Tokemak-Owned CVX Tracker

Tokemak Owned CVX Tracker
Tokemak Owned CVX Tracker Total CVX Owned 7 Day +/- Change 30 Day +/- Change Details Main Accumulation Method: Farming First CVX Acquired: 3/25/2022 Addresses Tracked: 0xa86e412109f77c45a3bc1c5870b880492fb86a14 0x8b4334d4812c530574bd4f2763fcd22de94a969b Protocol Info Protocol Type: Liquidity Website…

Dune Analytics - Tokemak Dashboard by Ouija

Dune Analytics
Ethereum Ecosystem analytics by and for the community. Explore and share data from Ethereum Mainnet, Matic, Optimism and xDai for free.

Etherscan - TOKE Holders

Dune Analytics - Tokemak Dashboard by @airbayer

Dune Analytics
Ethereum Ecosystem analytics by and for the community. Explore and share data from Ethereum Mainnet, Matic, Optimism and xDai for free.
graph lines


flow chart for supply, liquidity, exchange, and demand layers
decision tree for lock everything - dump nothing strategy

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