Tokemak Study Hall: Tutorials & Commentary

Danica Swanson

On this page: a collection of explainers, learning resources, & deep dives about Tokemak from the community and the public.

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Tokemak mech base diagram
Illustration by SwampBaron

Analyzing Tokemak, a Decentralized Market Maker by Genesis Block Podcast - 7 Jul 2022, 60 min

One $TOKE Over the Line by Curve Market Cap - 24 May 2022, 2 min

How to Become a Liquidity Provider on Tokemak by Economics Design - 12 Apr 2022, 5 min

Scoopy Trooples interview on Alchemix & Tokemak - 17 Feb 2022

Conversations with the Coop - Scoopy Trooples - Alchemix
Listen now (59 min) | Alchemix Finance is a future-yield-backed synthetic asset platform and community DAO. Spend and save at the same time. Leverage your wealth without risk of liquidation with a self-repaying loan.

Tokemak Explained for Busy People - 13 Feb 2022, 7 min

DeFi Daily on Tokemak - 11 Feb 2022, 30 min

Liquity: How to use LUSD on Tokemak - 2 Feb 2022

How to use LUSD on Tokemak
In this post, I’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to use LUSD on Tokemak.

The Defiant - Tokemak Hits $1B TVL - 28 Oct 2021

Tokemak Decentralized AMM Hits $1B TVL — And It’s Not Even Fully Launched Yet - The Defiant
DeFi 2.0 is gaining steam. Just look at Tokemak, a decentralized market making protocol that has hit $1B in total value locked, not but two months since announcing its product.

Tokemak: DeFi 2.0 Sleeping Giant - Nick of Jupiter - 14 Oct 2021, 24 min (video currently unavailable)

Finematics on DeFi 2.0 - 5 Nov 2021, 10 min

Tokemak Basics - The Calculator Guy - 26 Oct 2021, 15 min

Solving the Liquidity Problem - The Defiant - 13 Oct 2021, 15 min

“If Scoopy Trooples is excited [about Tokemak], then I’m excited, and you probably should be too.”
~ The Defiant

Marco Chan of Bitouq Ventures - 3 Aug 2021, 49 min (in Chinese)

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