The Second Collateralization of Reactors Event is now Live!

Degen Dan

Pilots, the time to vote for your favorite projects and collateralize five new Reactors is now! This time around there are 45 candidates that you can choose to allocate your votes towards. The top five projects with the most votes will determine the next Reactors to go live.

The Candidates for C.o.R.E 2

Like last time, voting will remain open for seven days. The issues while voting using a Trezor hardware wallet have been resolved, so now all Pilots should be able to cast and rearrange their votes as they please. Smart contract wallets will require a gas transaction, however.

Make sure to check out the latest medium article on C.o.R.E 2 and if this is your first C.o.R.E event, you can view our 'How to Vote During CoRE' guide  here.

Please feel free to join the discussion over on the Discord in #core-chat to participate in the debate over who deserves our votes!

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