TOKE Bonds Now Available on Lobis


Lobis is an approved Olympus fork with the aim be a metagovernance powerhouse of DeFi protocols. Whereas Olympus DAO's prime directive is to accumulate a basket of stablecoins and other high-value tokens, Lobis' goal is to acquire governance token.

Our goal is to build a policy-controlled governance system, in which the behavior of the $LOBI token is controlled by DAO governance. In the long term, we believe this system can be used to scale to offer decentralized governance as a public good for projects facing the threat of centralization due to project lockers. By partnering with Olympus we also aim to propagate the use of OHM as one of DeFi's global reserve currencies. In the short term, we will accumulate CRV and FXS with other suitable governance tokens to follow.

Effectively, what Olympus is to currency, Lobis is to governance.

Lobis has just release a bond market for minting $LOBI at a discount in exchange for $TOKE. Currently, the Lobis treasury holds over 50,000 TOKE, and with bonds now live, this share will continue to grow.

Lobis is just one of many protocols that are acquiring TOKE in anticipation of the coming Liquidity Wars.

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