$TOKE Featured in DeFi Innovation Index


Bankless and IndexCoop have teamed up yet again to create an index that allows investors to consolidate their portfolio around a single asset that tracks an assortment of tokens.

By diversifying into an initial composition of twelve tokens, GMI allows users to de-risk their exposure to DeFi upstarts–which are often novel and risky, yet contain considerable upside.

This is the second major announcement this week from the Tokeverse, following the news that Tokemak will be implementing token buybacks. We are expecting 3 more announcements soon, so stay tuned!

The DeFi Innovation Index ($GMI) features many familiar DeFi 2.0 projects, including: TOKE, gOHM, TRIBE, CVX, RBN, ALCX, and more. The index is rebalanced monthly, and can be purchased on Uniswap v3, TokenSets, and Indexcoop.com.

Are You $GMI? Introducing the Bankless DeFi Innovation Index
Index Coop is on a mission to make crypto investing simple, accessible, and safe for everyone.
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