Tokebase Dispatch: Edition 10 - April 30, 2023


News and Editorials

State of the Reactor - April 14, 2023
In this State of the Reactor event, the team discussed details about Tokemak v2 (GP), and revealed the upcoming Tokemak Autopilot product along with a public timeline.

Key Takeaways:

  • The team provided updates on Tokemak v2, confirming that the DAO-facing side of the updated protocol’s mechanism addresses gaps in current liquidity solutions. The v2 system offers a real-time liquidity solution, enabling DAOs to access on-demand liquidity at a known rate.
  • DAOs and protocols can view a real-time liquidity rental rate within the platform using a "liquidity orderbook." This allows DAOs to offer incentives and receive a specific amount of liquidity for a predetermined duration.
  • Initially, v2 targets Ethereum liquid staking tokens (LSTs, i.e., stETH, rETH, etc.) However, the logic of both upcoming v2 products can be adapted to markets beyond LSTs.
  • Tokemak Autopilot, designed to attract liquidity, serves as the user-facing side of v2. Autopilot is a dynamically rebalancing product that seeks the highest risk-adjusted yield opportunities for LST pairs.
  • The team has created a public timeline for the community to follow development milestones.

Cycle Movements and Dev Updates

April 5: Cycle 258 -> 259 rollover complete. Total rewards: $24,900.74.
April 12: Cycle 259 -> 260 rollover complete. Total rewards: $25,443.08.
April 19: Cycle 260 -> 261 rollover complete. Total rewards: $23,981.60.
April 26: Cycle 261 -> 262 rollover complete. Total rewards: $21,025.83.

In April, the team evaluated suggestions for the primary Tokemak landing page and made progress on the UI components build. Back-end efforts included continued work on v2 vault specifications, v2 code reviews, pricing integration testing, v2 rebalancer specifications, pool integrations, Dune dashboard improvements, and other preparatory work for the upcoming launch.

The team also structured pre-launch and post-launch marketing and community campaigns for v2 and will share updates once they are ready to be made public.

General Updates for All Pilots

April 14: Public Timeline
Job Opening: Senior Solidity Software Engineer

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