Tokebase Dispatch: Edition 4 - October 31, 2022

by Kadesh

News and Editorials

Oct 8: Tokemak v2 Roadmap and accTOKE Launch Details

  • accTOKE is on track to be released in Q4, and will present a new staking opportunity for TOKE token holders that taps into the yield-bearing power of the Protocol Owned Assets (POA).
  • With a future update, the accTOKE mechanics will include the ability for stakers to control the parameters of the accTOKE POA deployments.
  • View the full Q4 roadmap:
Tokemak's roadmap for Q4 2022
The Liquidity Wars: Empire of Frax
While we may be in the depths of a crypto winter, the protocols at the frontlines of the Liquidity Wars have only further entrenched their positions.

The latest piece from GH0ST08 brings a detailed analysis of Frax. Take a deep dive into the ways this ecosystem holds enormous sway in the Liquidity Wars in relation to Convex and Curve, and ties in with Tokemak's interoperability.

State of The Reactor Community Calls

State of the Reactor - October 14, 2022

State of the Reactor - October 14, 2022
In this week’s update, the Tokemak team discussed the project’s roadmap, including details about accTOKE, v2, and sustainable emissions.

The team discussed accTOKE, roadmap deliverables, Tokemak v2, and the new and improved sustainable emissions.

Key Takeaways

  • accTOKE stakers will be rewarded in wETH, while Liquidity Directors will receive TOKE rewards. This structure properly incentivizes the various participants in the system: LDs accumulate directing power, while stakers gain a share of revenue.
  • Additional DAO governance actions will be introduced, including the decision on whether to reward liquidity directors with wETH. The community can expect a series of new product releases throughout the remainder of the quarter and early next year.
  • Both the front- and back-end will undergo a major overhaul with the release of Tokemak v2.
  • The performance of deployments will be factored into the updated emissions logic in order to increase sustainability.

State of the Reactor - October 28, 2022

State of the Reactor - October 28, 2022
The team discussed the upcoming UI updates, accTOKE launch, and updated rewards logic.

The team discussed the accTOKE launch, upcoming UI updates and rewards logic, and the future of liquidity in DeFi.

Key Takeaways

  • The accTOKE contract audit and UI changes are on track for release.
  • The updated reward logic balances the most efficient vote allocation with the desired deployment strategy from Liquidity Directors, allowing for sustainable emissions.
  • Tokemak is well positioned to capture value from liquidity needs as TradFi transitions towards the tokenization of assets.

Cycle Movements and Dev Updates

Oct 5: Cycle 232 -> 233 rollover completed. Details on front-end, back-end, comms, and strategy activity shared.

Oct 12: Cycle 233 -> 234 rollover completed. Front-end, Back-end, comms, and strategy updates provided.

Oct 14: Git repository updated with latest contracts.

Oct 19: Cycle 234 -> 235 rollover completed. Front-end, back-end, comms, and strategy updates provided.

Oct 25: Tokemak treasury rebalancing conducted to increase the efficiency of POA deployment.

Oct 26: Cycle 235 -> 236 rollover completed. TOKE emissions to Sushi TOKE/ETH LP updated to increase efficiency (due to increased divergence between TOKE and CRV).

Oct 28: Treasury movements:

  • $661.5k: October expenses
  • $583.5k: Outstanding service and business expenses accrued across 2021-2022 and buffer for November expenses
  • Full details to be shared in the quarterly expenses release.

General Updates for All Pilots

Oct 5

  • The Tokemak v2 UI overhaul and user feedback tests are ongoing.
  • The accTOKE contract has been submitted for audit.
  • Cleanup of the private GitHub repo is in progress.

Oct 6
Please welcome Loblolly, this month’s new Captain! Check out Loblolly’s work on Toke Wars.

Oct 18

  • Translation channels were added for Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, and German in the Tokemak Discord.
  • TOKE is now available for trading on Kraken in the US and Canada.

Oct 19
TOKE LD voting on the Pair Reactors (USDC, ETH, FRAX, etc.) will be ending in the next Cycle, beginning with Cycle 236. Pilots are advised to re-direct their TOKE votes to the Token Reactors of  their choice by Cycle 236.

Oct 20
Liquidity Director rewards updates: Total TOKE emissions were reduced from 29,800 to 25,000 per Cycle.

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