Tokebase Dispatch: Edition 7 - January 31, 2023

by Kadesh & Danica Swanson

News and Editorials

State of the Reactor - January 20, 2023

State of the Reactor - January 20, 2023
The team discussed changes in the DeFi landscape, lessons learned from Tokemak v1, and what’s on the roadmap for v2.

In this State of the Reactor call, the team discussed changes in the DeFi landscape, lessons learned from Tokemak v1, and what's on the roadmap for Tokemak v2.

Key Takeaways:

  • V2 will introduce the concept of "general purpose liquidity" and expand the addressable market for Tokemak.
  • V2 will introduce a liquidity management platform that is not constrained by the current model's limitations, and which can be used by the average DeFi participant.
  • V2 will also bring significant new reward generation capabilities, which will be beneficial for TOKE holders.
  • The updated v1.5 UI will be released alongside the initial protocol v2 pieces, but v2 will roll out progressively. The team is aiming for a roadmap that allows for incremental updates and announcements.
  • To gather feedback, the team will soon conduct a public user survey for the UI experience. Participants will receive a commemorative Discord access NFT.

Starbased Releases Web3 Editorial Style Guide

Starbased Releases Web3 Editorial Style Guide
Introducing the official *based Editorial Style Guide!

As part of the ongoing effort to produce educational material for the Tokemak ecosystem and DeFi at large, Starbased has released a new production-ready *based web3 editorial style guide.

Compiled and produced by Senior Editor Danica Swanson, the style guide is regularly updated and maintained for the use of Tokebase and Rookbase contributors. The style guide will undergo further refinement as the DeFi media landscape evolves and the editors compare notes with other web3 media teams.

Cycle Movements and Dev Updates

Jan 4: Cycle 245 ->246 rollover Complete. Total rewards: $17,718.18.

Jan 11: Cycle 246 -> 247 rollover complete. Total rewards: $20,484.05.

Jan 18: Cycle 247 -> 248 rollover complete. Total rewards: $25,612.19.

Jan 25: Cycle 248 -> 249 rollover complete. Total rewards: $26,039.43.

In January the team continued to work on strategy and scoping for Tokemak v2. Front-end progress includes v1.5 UI design, external tester/user feedback, and prep work for the upcoming user survey. Back-end improvements include automation investigations and opening the accTOKE cap. Keep an eye out for the new Gitbook, which is scheduled for publication this week!

General Updates for All Pilots

Jan 12: Activities resumed in full swing for the year, and the first State of the Reactor call was scheduled for Friday, January 20, 2023.

Jan 16: The team announced the strong and healthy position of the Tokemak treasury, with more than $29M (not including the TOKE that the DAO owns free and clear). The treasury contains ~$19M in stables and ~$4M in ETH.

Going forward, the community can expect more proactive communication from the team about expenses. A summary of Q4 expenses (covering strategy/biz dev, operations, developers, designers, smart contract audits, legal and taxes, marketing and community, and administrative):

  • Nov 2022: $638,323
  • Dec 2022: $661,226
  • Jan 2023: $567,000 (anticipated)
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