Tokemak v2 Roadmap and accTOKE Launch Details

Tokemak roadmap for Q4 2022
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The Tokemak team has provided the long-awaited details of accTOKE as well as a fresh roadmap that outlines the protocol's plans for becoming the liquidity bandwidth protocol of DeFi.

Over the next quarter, the Tokemak dApp will receive a UI facelift, along with the ability to stake TOKE into accTOKE to receive ETH rewards. The team has spent much of the last year modeling out the emissions and rewards mechanics, and tweaking the algorithms to ensure the protocol deploys liquidity as profitably and efficiently as possible.

"The launch of accTOKE locking allows the system to further align the interests of the different participants, increase the efficiency of TOKE reward emissions and is a further step towards governance controlled operations."

These carefully considered changes will allow Tokemak to deliver sustainable liquidity across DeFi. Pool performance will impact rewards, so unprofitable Liquidity Directors will not affect the system's health or fellow Pilots who point liquidity towards higher-yielding venues.

Similar to the safeguarded liquidity deployment roll-out earlier this year, the staking mechanism will initially be capped to prevent any potential chaos.

As the team emerges from bear-market-building-stealth-mode, expect more frequent product updates and communications. Tokebase will provide a more detailed deep-dive into these mechanics over the next few weeks, along with a new resource to help guide Pilots through the Tokemak ecosystem. Make sure to stay plugged into Discord and follow us on Twitter for more details on the next phase of Tokemak as they emerge!

@everyone Attn Pilots! Today Tokemak has two major updates for the community.  First, there are a number of details to share on the forthcoming accTOKE staking/locking mechanism. Second is a roadmap for accTOKE launch and other major updates, as well as Tokemak v2.

Let’s start with accTOKE:


Tokemak is excited to introduce the implementation of accTOKE, an important phase of Tokemak’s development. This update will harness the power of the current POA to enable a new staking opportunity for the TOKE token, while simultaneously mitigating TOKE emissions to Liquidity Directors.

The launch of accTOKE locking allows the system to further align the interests of the different participants, increase the efficiency of TOKE reward emissions, and is a further step towards governance-controlled operations.


Below is an outline of the base mechanics of accTOKE staking:

Upon launch of accTOKE staking, the rewards accrued by Tokemak’s POA deployments will be emitted to accTOKE stakers in ETH terms (earned as wETH).

Ability for accTOKE stakers to control parameters of the accTOKE POA deployments.

Liquidity Providers and Liquidity Directors (not staked into the new accTOKE mechanism) will continue to receive TOKE rewards for their respective actions in the system.

Rewards accrued by the system from the deployment of LP assets will continue to accrue in the DAO treasury (and from there, if applicable, deployed as POA).

The locking periods are based on the Tokemak deployment cycles. The desired period can be set by the user and is a factor in determining the staking rewards. Initially, locking periods will be of shorter duration to not overlap with the future launch of Tokemak v2.

Tokemak will begin with a safeguarded launch, meaning staking will be capped to a predetermined maximum quantity of TOKE - the cap being raised periodically. This will ensure an orderly and controlled transition into the mechanics. Details regarding the safe launch to follow.


Below is the roadmap for updated pair reactors, accTOKE launch, updated emissions, accTOKE LDing, and Tokemak v2:

Tokemak roadmap for Q4 2022
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