Toke Wars Launch - Visualize the Race to Accumulate TOKE


Tokebase is pleased to announce the launch of Toke Wars, a dashboard that visualizes the battle for sustainable liquidity!

The site features detailed data regarding value locked in reactors, the TOKE holdings of various DAOs and their current stage, protocol revenue, and a tool for Pilots to keep track of their weekly rewards.

As the Toke Wars heat up with the impending C.o.R.E.3, we expect this dashboard to begin lighting up with new entrants who understand the value proposition of Tokemak.

The Toke Wars site will be continually updated with new features and data, so stay tuned!

If you represent a DAO that is accumulating TOKE and are missing from Toke Wars, please reach out to @tokebase!

The Home page visualizes total DAO-owned TOKE
The Leaderboard allows users to quickly compare DAO holdings
The Reactor page shows the change in TVL for a given reactor
The Rewards page allows users to see total rewards earned per cycle for a given address
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