☢️ Leaky Sunday! Transforming Ideas into Liquidity

Liquidity Wizard squeezed out a few small nuggets of alpha tonight, and it's obvious that some steamy ideas are being cooked up at Tokemak HQ.

☢️ Leaky Sunday! Transforming Ideas into Liquidity

Tonight's leaks were brief, but bosmang dropped a couple very bullish hints about the future of Tokemak.

Up first, a C.o.R.E. finale has been set: October 6th at 7pm UTC (3PM EST, 12PM PT).

Next, a conservative prediction that Tokemak TVL will do a 2-3x in as many months.

And finally, tokenized liquidity for... everything?

Frankly we have no idea what this could mean. Liquidity for fractionalized NFTs? Tokemak replacing IDOs? Bootstrapping projects right from conception?

If any more hints get dropped, you'll be able to find them on Tokebase.

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