Welcome to Tokemak Study Hall


Tokemak Study Hall is a regularly updated collection of resources designed to facilitate self-paced study and onboard new Pilots into the Tokeverse.

Compiled & maintained by Danica Swanson, resident Wordsmith Tokemech (aka copy editor), the Tokemak Study Hall project began its life as a simple Notion page of links to save a bit of search time when returning for multiple re-readings and review sessions.

Then it took on a life of its own.

The Tokemak community responded with enthusiasm, contributing more links and suggesting that Study Hall might eventually grow into Tokemak University.

Having quickly outgrown its earliest form, Tokemak Study Hall now lives on Tokebase and spans eight separate pages.

The Basics

High Level Overview

Explore the Basics

chart displaying progression from electricity to internet to Ethereum to Tokemak


Deep Dive Into the Tokemak Protocol

Explore Technicals

token distribution chart

Into the Rabbit Hole

Take the TOKE-Pill

Dive Into the Rabbit Hole

looking down a dark tunnel that lights up
Is it a rabbit hole...
black hole
...or a black hole? Actually, both...

Tokemak Team


Learn About the Tokemak Team

Liquidity Wizard speaking to a gathering of Tokemechs
The tokemechs await the prophecy from the Liquidity Wizard.

Tokemak Community

Newbie Guides & Community Projects/Apps

Learn About the Tokemak Community

mobile reactor with Tokemak logo
Illustration by SwampBaron

From the Official Blog

Updates from Medium

Read Updates from the Official Tokemak Blog

control room with hoses and a person checking a screen
Illustration by SwampBaron

Tutorials & Commentary

Explore Tutorials & Commentary

Tokemak mech base drawings
Illustration by SwampBaron

Twitter Threads

Read Twitter Threads

Tokemak mobile reactor detail views
Illustration by SwampBaron

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