Featured Community Call

Community Call - April 3, 2024

  • Guarded Launch Roadmap Update: The Autopilot guarded launch is progressing well, with rebalances performing as expected through various test scenarios. $AURA is planned to be integrated as an incentive token as early as next week to enable the upcoming integration of Balancer and Aura destinations. A reminder that the performance metrics during this phase may not fully reflect the eventual capability of Autopilot due to the limited and forced nature of the testing scenarios.
  • Testing Pools Expansion: Preparations are underway to support a broader range of tokens by expanding pricing sources through Redstone and Chainlink oracles. This expansion will enable support for most tokens relevant to liquid staking and restaking on EigenLayer.
  • Development and Security Testing: The project is currently engaged with Hexens for a comprehensive system audit, with a public announcement expected soon. This rigorous auditing process, involves a significantly larger engineering team than the standard model.
  • New Features: New additions to the UI will soon be launched including; a Zap in/out feature and the transition of the rebalancing history to an activity feed based on user feedback. A team page will also be added to tokemak.xyz


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