State of the Reactor - February 22, 2024


  • Imminent Guarded Launch: The Autopilot guarded launch is fast approaching, with updates to be shared on Discord and Twitter. The strategy for deploying protocol-owned assets during the guarded launch is to observe the integrity of the system; it will then shift to focusing on performance at open launch.
  • Initial Testing Pools: The launch will start with a limited set of pools, focusing destinations on Curve, Balancer, Aura, and Maverick. Liquid Staking Tokens that are expected to be live at guarded launch include stETH, wstETH, cbETH and rETH.
  • Development and Security Testing: Current development status involves rigorous testing, including audits and partnerships with testing platforms like TestMachine AI.
  • New Features and Systems: Introduction of Autopilot as a new way to provide liquidity, connecting and rebalancing across various DEXs and pools. The first autoETH pool will focus on a basket of LSTs, followed by LRTs. Autopilots modular design enables it to easily integrate new destinations and assets.
  • Expansion and New Tokenomics: Plans include quick expansion to Layer 2 solutions and the integration of new assets and destinations to optimize over for better yields. New tokenomics to be released offer an improved liquidity directing mechanism that enables TOKE stakers to receive Autopool specific rewards as well as boost the yield on their LP positions.
  • Marketing Strategy: The new design language aims to evolve the Tokemak universe along with product expansions. A significant launch campaign is planned that includes various strategies from video content to podcast and media coverage, with community involvement encouraged during the launch week to accompany an incentives campaign planned for the public launch.


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