Creating a Healthy Liquid Staking Ecosystem


In this call, the top minds in DeFi discussed the risks and benefits of liquid staking.

The group offered their differing opinions on the risks that liquid staking tokens (LSTs) with large market share, such as Lido’s stETH, bring to the ecosystem.

While it may be a winner-takes-all market, there is still a large amount of bare ETH waiting to be staked, giving newcomers an opportunity to disrupt and gain market share. Each of these protocols offers a unique approach to making an impact within the LSTFi space.

Tune in for the full discussion!

Original Spaces Recording via Swell Twitter


Swell Network: Swell, which has been live on mainnet for just over a month, is an Ethereum LST. They are currently undergoing an incentivization phase called “The Voyage,” allowing followers and users of partner protocols to earn “Pearls.”

Scoopy Trooples from Alchemix: Alchemix pioneered self-repaying loans using crypto collateral.

Dan from Pendle: Pendle is a yield market protocol, unlocking underlying yield as a tradable asset for advanced investment strategies.

SHARP from Tokemak: Tokemak is building a novel liquidity marketplace that will allow users to optimize their ETH LST yield and provide a predictable rate market for renting liquidity.

Dakotah from Timeless: Timeless offers non-custodial yield market services, allowing users to boost, hedge, and trade yield.

corn from yearn: Yearn offers a variety of products, but is most well known for their Vaults, which offer simplified yield-bearing pools.

Wagmi from unshETH: unshETH is a protocol that is designed to promote validator decentralization through incentive engineering.

Ben from EVMavericks: EVMavericks is a group of Ethereum enthusiasts.

0xJala from Olympus: Olympus pioneered the memetic power of (3,3) and ushered in an era of high-APY rebasing tokens. Behind the scenes, Olympus amassed one of the largest treasuries in DeFi backing an ambitious self-bootstrapped reserve currency.

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