State of the Reactor - June 16, 2023


Tokemak v2 Refresher

  • Existing gauge-based incentive systems do not provide DAOs with certainty that they will receive their desired amount of liquidity.
  • Tokemak v2 provides a robust solution for both LPs and DAOs seeking predictable control over their liquidity.
  • The Autopilot feature automates yield-seeking behavior across various liquid staking tokens (LSTs), simplifying position management while taking into account multiple factors including incentives, fees, and market depth.
  • Through Autopilot, Tokemak's Liquidity Management Pools (LMPs) establish a known liquidity rate, which can be used via the Liquidity Marketplace to allow DAOs to secure a predictable amount of liquidity without obscure incentives.
  • The UX for the Liquidity Marketplace will be familiar to users who have experienced bribing or incentive markets. DAOs will simply be able to select a pool and deposit incentives based on the liquidity rate. Autopilot will prioritize and deploy liquidity accordingly.

Awareness Campaign

  • The Zealy sprint is underway, with 8,000 quests claimed or completed and around 650 participants.
  • The team will distribute additional media and Autopilot-branded images to aid questers with memes and content creation.
  • The Tokemak Twitter presence has ramped up, with two recent Spaces events [1, 2] featuring Swell, Maverick, Alchemix, and other DeFi projects.
  • Additionally, the Tokemak team will be hosting their own Spaces closer to the v2 launch.

Timeline Updates

  • Updated Gitbook documentation and tutorials are in progress and planned for release alongside Autopilot.
  • The initial set of pricing contracts have been handed off to Halborn for audit. The audit is expected to take ~4 weeks. The high-level LMP vault specification was also sent to Halborn for formal verification.
  • The final handoff for phase 1 of Autopilot should be completed in the first week of July. In addition, a community-sourced audit program will be run on Sherlock.
  • Given the audit timelines, the team’s expectation is that phase 1 will be ready for launch in early September. However, a more accurate timeline will emerge as audits continue.
  • The dev team has continued to make rebalancing strategy improvements, including more advanced logic that takes into account slippage and forecasted returns based on volatile factors such as trading fees and incentives.

Make sure to participate in the Zealy campaign and hop into the new forum section on Discord with any questions!

  • TBA: There is a Twitter Space planned this Sunday (June 18) with Maverick.
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