Starbased Releases Web3 Editorial Style Guide

Danica Swanson

Starbased, the meticulous crypto-native web3 media agency responsible for Tokebase and Rookbase, has made the first production-ready iteration (v. 1.2) of the official *based Editorial Style Guide available for public use.

Compiled and produced by Starbased Senior Editor Danica Swanson, whose previous projects include Tokemak Study Hall, the style guide is regularly updated and maintained for the use of Tokebase and Rookbase contributors.

"Well-edited work improves readability. Meticulous and consistent editing is one way Starbased demonstrates respect for the value of our readers’ time and attention." - Danica Swanson

Ever wondered why you need a copy editor, how your skills might compare to those of a professional editor, or why it's so hard for writers to catch their own errors? Check out the links in the style guide, including Fun For Editors and Other Persnickety Word Nerds and an auto-transcript reader errors hall of fame.

In the spirit of "building in public" and contributing to the long-term betterment of the web3 media landscape, Starbased invites the public to use this style guide as an open reference. Let's compare notes!

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